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10 June 2022

Genesys Participates with PhinCon in the Trescon World AI Show

Indonesia’s economy is expected to be more advanced with AI, with 366 billion USD invested in the nation’s Gross Domestic Product by 2030. In support of this, Trescon organized the World AI Show at the JW Mariott Hotel Jakarta on June 8 and 9, 2022. Trescon is a consulting firm that offers a variety of business services and also organizes global business events. The World AI Show is a global event series that promotes leadership, focuses on business, and brings together technology leaders and AI experts from Southeast Asia to discuss emerging trends, challenges, and the future potential of AI in the endemic era.

Genesys, in collaboration with the SEA Partner of the Year, PhinCon, presents Omnichannel Contact Center services utilizing AI technology. Attendees of the Trescon World AI Show were provided with educational sessions and consultations by PhinCon’s best team of experts regarding the most effective AI-based strategies and solutions for creating a customer experience.

As one of the event’s sponsors, Genesys had the opportunity to participate as a panelist. As a representative of Genesys,  Jean-marc Provost director of Digital and Conversational AI of Genesys, participated in a panel discussion titled “How AI and Automation Can Drive a Customer-Centric Environment.” In the discussion, Jean-marc Provost stated that AI could be used to create new experiences by prioritizing four pillars dynamically: understanding the customer journey, understanding customer needs, predicting needs and problems that typically arise, and acting based on information from the previous pillars. Utilizing Conversational AI in the contact center is one of the actions that can be taken. Conversational AI is the optimal method for integrating AI and automation into a customer-centric environment.

From the discussion results, it is clear that the most important aspect of utilizing AI is ensuring that AI is adaptable, as AI is intended to simplify technology, implementation, users, whether they are customers or employees, and most importantly, employees. With PhinCon, Genesys can provide the best omnichannel contact center solution for all types of users. Furthermore, as the only Genesys Gold Partnership in Indonesia, PhinCon is able to provide comprehensive contact center solutions to companies based on their specific requirements.

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