CRM Cloud

CRM Cloud

With CRM Cloud, you do not need to invest on the hardware, you are able to access data everywhere, provide real-time data, and always get the newest update about your customer information.

CRM Cloud

Customer Experience

A new era of customer relationship management (CRM) is Customer Experience (CX), a complete tools to engage with your customer in every touch point in every division of your company. Easy access to your customer data in one single platform, analytic data to give the best promotion and campaign.

Sales Cloud

Focusing in 360 degree  of customer and maintained all the customer interaction to selling more efficient and productive.

Close More Deal

Track all your customer information and interactions in one place, anywhere.

Get More Leads

Nurture leads until they’re sales-ready, then automatically route them to the right reps at the right time.

Accelerate Productivity

Automate complex business processes to drive even more productivity.

Make Insightful Decisions

Information is in one place so it’s easier to prioritize and make quick decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

Marketing Cloud

The technology helps marketers acquire and retain ideal customers, engaging them with a relevant experience that spans the entire customer lifecycle.

Marketing Automation

Simplify and energize marketing automation campaigns.

Plan, Personalize, And Optimize The Customer Journey.

Connect interactions from any channel or device, combining customer data and behaviors to create real-time relevant communications that are delivered on your customers’ terms.

Content Marketing

Create rich customer personas to build content around and align with campaigns.

Measure Business Impact

Measure the impact of every interaction on your business so you can see what’s working and what isn’t, and optimize your strategy and tactical plans in real-time.

Social Cloud

Leverage social mediato grow your entire business with a better insight, content, and services. A Social relationship Management allow brands to listen, create, and engage at the speed of social with the consistency and transparency customers expect.

Social Listening

Listen to market and analyst them for your better strategy.

Social Monitoring

Monitoring all the social activity with specific keywords.

Social Marketing

Right messages and right social channel to the right people. Capture and view campaign metrics from all channels in single dashboard.

Service Cloud

Maintained customer satisfaction with a great service and technology with personal and proactive approach in every single touch point of customer.

Always-on Customer Service.

Customers expect to have access to customer service on their terms, it means providing them with options to access 24/7 support.

Personalized Service

Being able to meet these new needs often means providing a type of personalized service that goes above and beyond what your competitors can deliver.

Multichannel Support

From the traditional, such as phone and email; to the expanding universe of social-media outlets — to voice their opinions about your brand.

Intelligent Customer Service

Predictive support is the next wave in the customer service revolution. Fix problems before they happen and delight customers in the process. Service Cloud gives your agents the tools they need to anticipate your customers’ needs.

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