Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise Analytics

An Enterprise Analytics solution provides the ability to collect, analyze and process analytical data in all or most functions of the business.

Enterprise Analytics

Analytical & Dashboard Management

Enables organizations to become top-performing and analytics-driven entities.

Interactive Dashboards

Provides fully interactive dashboards and reports with a rich variety of visualizations

Self-serve Interactive Reporting

Enables business users to create new analyses from scratch or modify existing analyses without any help from IT

Enterprise Reporting

Allows the creation of highly formatted templates, reports, and documents such as flash reports, checks, and more

Proactive Detection and Alerts

Provides a powerful, near-real- time, multi-step alert engine that can trigger workflows based on business events and notify stakeholders via their preferred medium and channel

Predictive Analytics

With interactive and easy-to-use software becoming more prevalent, business analysts and line-of-business experts are using these technologies as well.

Fraud detection and security

Predictive analytics can help stop losses due to fraudulent activity before they occur.

Determine Customer Responses Or Purchases, As Well As Promote Cross-sell Opportunities

Predictive models help businesses attract, retain and grow the most profitable customers and maximize their marketing spending.

Forecast Inventory And Manage Factory Resources and credit scoring

Customer Analytics

Create personalized experiences that engage your customers in more meaningful ways. Provide a holistic view of the customer using digital, behavioral, sentiment and predictive analytics in a way that helps you win more business and drive loyalty.

Customer Experience Analytics

Gain deep insight into your customers’ experience.

Customer Insights

Use smart data discovery to get answers and insights about your customers.

Predictive Customer Intelligence

Use statistics and modeling to anticipate customer needs.

Social Media Analytics

Uncovering consumer sentiment and emerging trends.

Locations Analytics

Gain highly accurate location-based insights designed to fuel better business performance. Benefit from powerful address geocoding and efficient enterprise routing. Reduce risk and improve both operations and customer satisfaction.

Generate maps including cartographic, aerial and analytical mapping

Measure Geometries (length, area, perimeter, distance)

Integrate spatial data with business data using a visual data design tools

Display business data over popular base mapping services such as Google Maps and Bing Maps

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