Data Solution

Data Solution

Experience a data revolution with our comprehensive solutions. From mastering data warehouses and Big Data to unleashing the power of Big Data Analytics, Data Virtualization, and Data Masking, we’ve covered every aspect of data management.

Data Solution

Data Warehouse

DW’s are central repositories of integrated data from one or more divergent sources. They store current and historical data and are used for creating analytical reports for knowledge workers throughout the enterprise. Data warehouse Appliance is an integrated set of servers, storage, operating system(s), and DBMS.

High-Performance Architecture

Industry Leading Database for Flexibility and Performance

Simplified System Management

System management is made easier with simplified platform administration, control, and monitoring through a single operational view.

Big Data

Hadoop is the central repositories to store Big Data that can manage and archive Multi-structured data. Deployment, performance, ease-of-use, manageability, and reliability are vastly improved from the typical do-it-yourself Hadoop system.

Flexible & Integration

Proactive Management for High Availability & Reliability Faster

Access to Open Source Innovation Comprehensive Support and Services

Enterprise Data Access

Big Data Analytics

Big Analytics Appliance meets the needs and requirements to  harness big data. This is the first appliance to combine big data and analytics technologies, such as Hadoop, open source R, MapReduce and graph analysis.

New high value analytics, with superior analyst productivity.

Parallelize the processing of data and applications and deliver rich analytic insights through the simplicity of SQL and business intelligence (BI) tools.

Innovative, unified solution to easily extract insights from big data.

Providing a complete big data solution that helps you to store and analyze all types of data.

Complete, enterprise ready solution.

A suite of adaptors support out-of-the-box enterprise integration for a complete ecosystem of enterprise data management systems.

Data Virtualization & Data Masking

Unleash the full potential of your data with our Data Virtualization and Data Masking, solving common issues like slow app releases, multi-cloud transitions, infrastructure costs, and security concerns. By using data virtualization and data masking technology, we can:
10 times faster preparing the data to support application development
We can manage data from or deploy on cloud (multi-cloud)

Significantly reduce storage, server, and Network cost.
Ensure that the data used for development is secure and compliant.

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