Middleware enables enterprises to create and run agile, intelligent business applications while maximizing IT efficiency through full utilization of modern hardware and software architectures.


Application Server

World’s best application server for building and running enterprise applications and services, delivering high performance and availability.

Making high-scalability enterprise Java-based application.

Homogenization of application development environments.

High-availability at business applications.

Load Balancing between application servers to boost performance.

Service Oriented Architecture

Rapidly design, assemble, deploy and manage highly agile reusable business applications using the standard of Service Oriented Architecture.

Transforming legacy applications so that have web-based features.

Integration between applications built on different platforms.

Architecture standarization of application modules to become web services.

Reducing development time using standard business rules.

Bussiness Process Management

Model, automate, manage and optimize business processes across organizational divisions, systems and applications.

Process eficiency in organization using BPM modelling.

Identification of ineffective business process step.

Integration between business process and business application


Center of engagement for business that connects people, processes and information with the complete portfolio of portal, content, web experience and collaboration.

Making website rapidly and having rich-feature content.

Content management application that integrated with Portal and Business Application.

Portal solution for Intranet.

Reduce paper-based activities in daily operation.

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