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31 January 2022

Implement Omnichannel in Contact Center to Improve Customer Experience

The transformation to digital services is currently needed to maximize the company’s business processes. Technological developments offer a variety of digital applications, including in customer service or contact centers. Companies must continuously explore the latest information about the technology in the contact center in order to improve customer experience.

Companies will get a better customer experience from digital channels because they are not only communicating with customers through voice. However, suppose one contact center agent handles different channels manually. It will also make it difficult for them, and they will not focus on serving customers because they have to open many applications (channels). Therefore, it is necessary to have an application that can serve customers from various types of existing media channels so that the delivery of information about products and customer complaints can be easily done.

Omnichannel: One Application Many Uses

Contact Center with omnichannel can be closer to customers and improve customer experience. Omnichannel is a contact center strategy to facilitate customer interaction with various existing communication channels. Omnichannel in the contact center can provide more proactive interactions with customers. The omnichannel solution in the contact center makes it easier for agents because it uses a multichannel approach in one application. Contact center agents can also interact with customers without losing the customer history or journey. The omnichannel application can show the customers’ records when they contact the contact center, so agents can determine what interactions and channels the customer has used.

Benefits of Omnichannel Solution for Contact Center

If your company uses a conventional contact center system, it is time to switch to omnichannel. The reason is that customers use many communication media (channels), and omnichannel can simplify them in one view. Admin of a company can also design the use of omnichannel according to the company’s business needs. Omnichannel can be operated for a contact center for the following purposes:

  1. Inbound contact center

The use of omnichannel makes it easier for contact center agents in the inbound process, processing information, and receiving calls from customers who need help making payments or have questions about their products, services, or accounts. An omnichannel solution can combine inbound calls in voicemail or other social media.

  1. Outbound contact center

Not only inbound but omnichannel solutions are also used for outbound. Contact center agents can easily contact potential customers because they are already connected to one desktop. As we know, outbound is a call or interaction made by contact center agents to potential customers to get new prospects by sharing information such as the latest products or services.

  1. Business optimization

Some companies have many contact center agents, making it difficult to monitor their performance. Using an omnichannel solution in a contact center can make it easy for you to assess employee performance. You will easily manage contact center agents since the analytics provide you with the duration of handling and the number of services. You even can make a schedule across channels.

  1. Integration

If your company already has a system in customer service but wants to maximize its performance, you can use an omnichannel solution. The omnichannel solution can be integrated with existing systems and applications to improve the customer experience. Your company can easily add new capabilities to its existing contact center system as needed by consulting with PhinCon, an omnichannel solution provider.

Transform Your System Into an Omnichannel Contact Center

Implementing omnichannel in the contact center will provide a great customer experience. Contact center agents will experience a different employee experience, and their performance will increase. PhinCon or Phintraco Consulting is a subsidiary of Phintraco Group engaged in IT Consultancy. You can consult directly with experts to implement an omnichannel solution in the contact center based on the needs and problems that exist in your company.


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