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25 November 2020

Celebrating 12th Anniversary, PhinCon Remains Consistent in Providing Its Best Solutions and Services

25 November 2020 – Today, PhinCon was established 12 years ago as a company that focuses on providing IT Consulting services and all spectrums of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Middleware, Human Resources (HR), Big Data, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions and services. While the previous 11th anniversary was celebrated by holding an employee gathering, 12th anniversary was only celebrated virtually with “Initiative to Innovate” as a theme for this year.

The virtual event was held for all employees with various themes that are related to PhinCon’s corporate value, SPICE. SPICE stands for Strong teamwork, Professionalism, Integrity, Constant initiative, and Exceeding customer expectations.

Behind the theme “Initiative to Innovate”, which we got from value “Constant initiative”, we have a hope that is expected to be new spirits for all PhinCon’s team. We hope that this year will bring new spirit for them to consistently deliver new initiatives and provide innovative solutions for PhinCon’s valued customers. PhinCon is committed to grow more as a much bigger company.

This year has been more challenging because of the pandemic, but thankfully we can overcome and adapt to it very well. The pandemic is not over yet, but PhinCon is always optimistic that we can keep productivity high and ensure its operations efficiently.

The values of Strong teamwork, Professionalism, Integrity, Constant initiative, and Exceeding customer expectations are always implemented in all work activities, so that the entire team are able to achieve performance targets for the company’s success in the future. We hope that the implementation of these values will become a strong foundation for the entire teams to work together to provide the best solutions and services in any situation.

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