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16 May 2022

AI-based Technologies that Can Be Implemented in Businesses

Humans seem to be becoming more reliant on digital technologies. But do you realize that artificial intelligence plays a part in the technology that facilitates all of our activities? Almost all modern equipment uses AI technology, including the company’s business operations. AI technology is one form of technological advancement that simplifies several activities. Neither employees nor corporate executives see AI as a danger to their positions. Instead, they believe they can use this AI technology to work more efficiently and productively for the businesses they manage.

The Importance of Implementing AI Technology in Businesses

AI technology, often known as artificial intelligence, has become a system that assists humans in their job. With the aid of this AI technology, complicated tasks may be accomplished swiftly and precisely. In today’s business world, it has been done online and with the use of technology. This AI technology is the primary reason sophisticated enterprise businesses continue to operate and grow. Therefore, companies need to implement AI technologies that will be very lucrative.

6 AI-based Technologies that Can Solve Enterprise Problems and Automate Business Processes

Every industry sector may benefit from AI-based technologies. Here are six AI-based technological solutions that may be considered for the automation of your company’s business operations, should you be interested in implementing them in your organization.

  1. Face Recognition

Face recognition is an AI-based technological solution used to identify human faces digitally. Facial recognition functions by mapping, analyzing, and confirming a person’s face using photos or videos. Face-recognition technology in the hotel industry is already extensively employed to speed up check-in and check-out operations and improve the customer experience. Face recognition is also commonly used for mobile banking login functions in the banking industry.

  1. People Counting

People counting is the most modern, dependable, and accurate infrared people counter. As a result, numerous businesses use the multiple advantages this system offers. For example, businesses such as malls utilize this solution to estimate the sales ratio to customers during the peak consumer traffic period from an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly viewpoint. In addition, several businesses use these systems to monitor their peak hours for operational purposes.

  1. People Dwelling

People dwellings can monitor visitor effectiveness and business performance to determine the length of time visitors spend in a particular zone. In addition, tourism business district developers can use this solution’s analytic capabilities to identify visitor facilities and hotspots.

  1. People Trajectory

People trajectory is an AI-based system tracking human mobility in the background. IP Public CCTV will be used for surveillance, and the data will be processed automatically. People trajectory technology is now highly beneficial for various businesses, such as the health ministry and government, in monitoring physical distances to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

  1. Crowd Estimation

Crowd estimation is a system used to calculate the number of individuals in a crowd in real-time. Understanding foot traffic is crucial in the retail industry for organizing merchandise in aisles and optimizing store design.

  1. Crowd Anomaly Behavior

Crowd anomaly behavior identifies abnormalities in a crowd of people by evaluating surveillance scenes in real-time. Utilize a variety of concepts and techniques, such as AI technology to discover anomalies. Many circumstances or locations need surveillance, such as the inside and outside office buildings, to discover abnormalities and avert unanticipated events. If an abnormality is identified, the relevant authorities can immediately alert.

All these AI-based technological solutions you may implement for your company, PhinCon or Phintraco Consulting, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group engaged in IT consultancy, may adapt the implementation of this solution according to the requirements of your company.

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