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19 June 2020

PhinCon Holds Webinar on “Restart and Rebound Your Business Now”

Several business sectors in Indonesia have been hit hard as the Covid-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on economic activities, and this pandemic is surely bringing negative impacts on business operations. To help businesses address these challenges and develop more flexible strategies during times of uncertainty, PhinCon and Oracle NetSuite was held a Webinar titled “Restart and Rebound Your Business Now – Wait and See Is Not an Option” on Thursday, June 18, 2020. This virtual event was attended by business leaders from various sectors.

The webinar had 3 sessions, the first session about “Managing Business Uncertainty” was presented by Mr. Yudia Pancaputra as a Senior Channel Manager of Oracle Indonesia, the second session about “Giving Business Visibility through Netsuite” was presented by Mr. Masri Abdulgani, and the last session was QnA session. In QnA session, all participants had the opportunity to ask questions and to explore new insights for their business sustainability.

In the first session about “Managing Business Uncertainty”, Mr. Yudia Pancaputra delivered new insights to all business leaders about the right strategies to survive during these uncertain times. To read further information about this session, please read this article: (link)


In the second session about “Giving Business Visibility through Netsuite”, Mr. Masri Abdulgani explained about Oracle Netsuite specifically and its role in maintaining business potentials.

Webinar 1

We know that the future is precariously unclear. In accordance with the subtheme “Wait and See Is Not an Option”,  PhinCon wanted to deliver awareness to business leaders that they cannot just wait and see to win business competition. It is important for them to hold their ground, and manage their business correctly to face the New Normal. Leaders need to have a clear understanding of their tools, systems, processes, and strategies. By utilizing Oracle NetSuite, they can get real-time visibility into their company’s data and comes equipped with built-in business intelligence tools to help them make informed decisions that will help their company survive.

By joining this Webinar, we hope that all participants can find and implement the right strategies to survive amidst business competition during these challenging situations.

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