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01 August 2022 Marketing Group

UCaaS: Flexible Communication and Collaboration Solution for Agent Contact Centers

The use of technology in business management aims to maximize agent productivity while also increasing business efficiency and effectiveness. Similarly, in business contact center management, information communication technology is used. As a result, companies required communication devices that allowed agents to communicate with one another via text, voice, and video. As a solution to information communication problems, UCaaS, or unified communications as a service, is expected to contribute to increased business productivity, contact center, and mobile work effectiveness for employees.

Boost Remote Service Agents’ Productivity

Unified communications as a service combine various business communication tools into an efficient productivity hub. UCaaS gives agents access to all the tools they need across multiple platforms and the ability to interact with offices and business customers from any location. This benefit is required by the company so that the business can continue to operate regardless of where the agent is located and to minimize the occurrence of a decrease in productivity in a company’s business activities.

Integrated Into a Single Work System

All contact center agents can manage various modes of communication across multiple devices in a single work environment using unified communication as a service. For example, consider how agents switch between devices and apps to send emails, make phone calls, activate conferences, and collaborate with other teams. However, the service can now support all activities in the exact location. By combining lines between communication channels, UCaaS improves business agility and simplifies internal processes.

Optimize Contact Center Agent Communication and Collaboration with UCaaS Solution Adoption

The continual use of communication technology in contact center management, such as email, messenger, fax, voice mail, and teleconference, will impact the company’s cash flow. As a result, an integrated and collaborative communication management solution is required for efficiency and effectiveness. In this case, the company can use unified communication technology as a service. This technology can undoubtedly integrate all technological devices in enterprise operations management. By implementing UCaaS technology, the company’s business will be updated, and customers will be well accommodated in this digital era. PhinCon is an IT consulting provider company. One of the Phintraco Group’s subsidiaries provides various information communication technology solutions, including contact center software supported by a unified communication system.

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