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27 August 2021

PhinCon in Genesys G-Summit 2021: Combining the Power of Human and Technology to Deliver Better Customer Experience

PhinCon, an IT solutions and services provider in Indonesia and one of Genesys official partner, participated in Genesys G-Summit South Asia 2021 titled “The Power of Us”. Due to pandemic situation, the event was held virtually on 24 and 25 August 2021 and was attended by IT practitioners and professionals.

In this event, PhinCon became one of sponpors and exhibitors that show its best IT solutions for companies to maximize the quality of customer experience.

In today’s digital era, we know that customer experience is the most crucial factors that affects company’s reputation in the eyes of their customers. Therefore, modern companies are competing to create the best solutions and strategies to improve customer experiences in order to stay ahead of business competition because they can earn and build more customer loyalty.

Theme “The Power of Us” represents the importance of keeping yourself as a business leader to be always updated with advanced technology, while still empowering your employees. Because technology is not at all its intelligent without human, and vice versa.

As one of exhibitors in Genesys G-Summit South Asia 2021, PhinCon prepared best team to educate and provide consultation to all participants regarding the best strategies and solutions to create customer experience that is relevant to the needs of customers.

From all insightful sessions – both from all event sessions and consultation sessions with PhinCon’s expert team at virtual booth, it can be concluded that all companies need to combine the power of human and technology to deliver better customer experience.

By combining the power of human and technology, earn and build better customer satisfaction amidst changing customer needs are not difficult as before, because technology allows companies to deliver customized and personalized services to each customers.

As an official Genesys Partner in Indonesia, PhinCon provides Genesys’ comprehensive solutions, and also other IT solutions and services such as Custom Application, Telemarketing App, Ticketing, CRM, 24/7 Customer Support, IT Outsourcing, IT Infrastructure & Security, Video Solutions and Remote Agent Monitoring. Moreover, we can ensure that all IT solutions and services for customers are handled by certified and experienced teams.

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