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03 January 2022

Top Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2022

The customer experience (CX) is a major concern for most company founders and business owners. To achieve the most satisfactory customer experience and follow customer needs is not easy. Many small and large companies have spent a lot of money and effort to improve their customer experience and outperform the competition in the market. Besides, customer behaviours and the shift to a faster digital customer experience due to the pandemic have encouraged companies to keep up with the pace of development and implement new technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

Digital Customer Experience Trends 2022

Since last year, many changes have occurred, and several trends are continuously developing to improve customer experience. If you want to improve your company’s customer experience in 2022, you should not miss the following trends of customer experience trends 2022.

Data and privacy are important considerations

Data and privacy concerns are not surprising as the world slowly moves towards digitization. As time goes by, customers are also aware of the urgency of data leakage and loss of privacy in the era of digitalization. So, today’s customers tend to feel unsure of giving their information unless there is a good reason. So, it is not surprising that 40% of today’s customers will choose to stop using a product or service from a particular company if they cannot control access to their personal information. To provide a sense of security to customers and improve customer experience, you can implement several IT security solutions such as customer identity and access management, threat intelligence, and other solutions offered by Aplikas Servis Pesona.

Balancing human interaction and automation

More sophisticated technology has turned many business processes into digital and automated. Automation has proven to be a suitable method for cutting costs related to customer service and shortening the time it takes to solve problems when contacting the company’s contact center. Automation is not always a preference for some companies because customers might still need human interaction to get the best customer experience. For example, when companies use chatbots to answer customer problems, some customers prefer to talk directly to humans. This problem is because customers experience dissatisfaction with the responses that chatbots give to their problems. Hence, companies must balance human interaction and automation to maximize customer experience. For example, by implementing Voice Biometric solutions and other Contact Center support solutions offered by Phintraco Technology.

Optimizing customer experience on mobile devices

Mobile devices are the most popular method used to access the internet today. Mobile devices offer convenience in mobility because of their form that can be carried anywhere. If you look at the current popularity of mobile devices, improving the customer experience on mobile devices used by company applications is the best way to provide an excellent customer experience for customers. Mobile devices must meet customer standards because mobile devices already provide good mobility. To keep up with the trend of optimizing customer experience on mobile devices, the company should focus on improving website navigation, reducing load times, and improving data analytics for insights that maximize customer experience. Optimizing customer experience on mobile devices can be supported by implementing API management, Data Analytics, or other solutions offered by PhinCon.

Empathy has an impact on the customer experience

Companies must empathize to understand what is best to provide an excellent customer experience. Empathy, usually described as observing and understanding the customer’s situation, feelings, and emotions, is vital in providing a maximum customer experience. Customers will not have much time to read the long message in your company ads. Therefore, you must make your company more attention-grabbing approachable and create new ways to engage customers emotionally. One implementation example is providing a contact center experience that feels close and intimate in solving customer problems. Mitracomm Ekasarana provides experienced contact center agents to help your company achieve the best customer experience.


The trends above show that achieving an excellent customer experience is not easy. Even the pandemic has forced companies to follow different customers’ consumption behaviours that look for something limitless. Companies must invest in suitable technologies and solutions to meet customer demands and needs to grow their business.

Phintraco Group and its subsidiaries are ready to support the implementation of technology solutions that suit your company’s needs to provide the best customer experience for customers. Contact us through [email protected] to discover more information about suitable technology solutions for your company to improve customer experience.





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