PhinCon was Awarded Top Honors in the 2022 Genesys APAC Virtual Partner Conference

By |April 21st, 2022|Events, News|

On April 20, 2022, Genesys, a partner of PhinCon, celebrates the 2022 APAC virtual partner conference. Genesys APAC Partner Conference [...]

PhinCon has been as a Genesys Gold Partner

By |March 9th, 2022|Events, News|

The high commitment and dedication of the Phintraco Group to delivering solutions and services for the leading omnichannel contact centers for [...]

Myths and Facts about Using Omnichannel for Customer Experience

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Customer experience is one thing that makes a difference for companies in serving customers. The existing digital transformation continues to [...]

3 Tips to Boost Contact Center Performance During Pandemic Crisis

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A company has many interactions with customers at a time, especially through its contact center. Due to social distancing regulations [...]

Implement Omnichannel in Contact Center to Improve Customer Experience

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The transformation to digital services is currently needed to maximize the company's business processes. Technological developments offer a variety of [...]

Deliver Excellent Customer Experience With Technology Solutions

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Time keeps moving, and conditions continue to be uncertain. The current pandemic has changed every individual human being in their [...]

Top Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2022

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The customer experience (CX) is a major concern for most company founders and business owners. To achieve the most satisfactory [...]

Use Application Performance Monitoring Solution to Observe Application Performance

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In the era of automation, many companies build applications to facilitate business processes. Applications are made not only for customers [...]

3 Important Indicators to Measure Digital Customer Experience

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Performance measurement is a critical evaluation that should be done regularly by the company. The purpose is to support the [...]

Brief Explanation of Application Performance Monitoring

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In this sophisticated era, the existence of applications and websites has become essential. Almost all the activities we do require [...]