Used to make the augments to slot into your Green Steel blank of choice. I have found the link below to be the best, in my opinion. CRAFTING Crafting Greensteel Cannith Crafting GUIDE DDO wiki Guide Arpisti Builds Newbies Guide UTILITA' INGAME Puzzle Solvers Item Search Acronimi DDO PLANNERS Character Planner Destiny Planner UTILITA' VARIE DDO pre-loader v2 Ddo Store DDO NEL WEB Ddo Gamers - Blog. Search through the Cannith crafting information available in Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO). There are many such items in the game. Barb ? I love the game but being a guinea pig to wasting resources is not my thing. DDO is designed as a cooperative-play game, but many people insist on soloing for whatever reasons. This will work because one of the items has opposing augs that differ from the set that you want. 4 items currently grant a 7%(used to be 14%) hp increase for opposition . Just want to pop in and let everyone know that the YourDDO Greensteel Planner is back online. See following for the list of items; These are Bind on Equip and can be traded, mailed and auctioned before being equipped. It will also tell you exactly what ingredients you need to gather, and how to craft the sub-components that you need for the final item. Having one item with 2 dom and one non will still give dom. Suggested that a crafter be able to add additional effects to items produced by in game crafting systems (alchemical, greensteel, cannith challenges, TOEE, thunderforged.) . Here is a list of most of the "active" curative items in no particular order: The Bracers of Assistance provide an Aid clicky, which grants temporary hit points but is not clasified as a "cure" or "heal" item. The armor ritual goes on armor (or robe or outfit or docent). Search: Ddo Repeating Crossbow. The Pre-Update 14 progression can be found here. This site has a very clear and concise javascript tool to help you build your item. Glossary Items Maps Monsters Places Quests Races Reincarnation Skills Spells. 10 quests, 1 saga, no raid Introduced star and nebula fragments for upgrading old s/s/s items to epic, legendary and perfected versions. you can have 5 hirelings vs the usual 1). . This thread's been around for a VERY long . 1. Last edited by SisAmethyst; 08-26-2010 at 05:56 PM . Updated item data and fix for custom items window crashing. This Otto's Box, and all items within it, are Bound to Account. Thing with crafting is, it's a grind and . DDO Vale Puzzle Solver. What is Ddo Cannith Crafting Planner. Posted on September 6, 2010. Tier 3 Effect. Str = 15 base + 7 levels + 8 item + 3 enh + 3 tome + 2 ship = 38 atm, need to work on items and twisted Primal Scream will add another 5 for 15 mins per rest, so ultimately I'll mostly run about with 45 or so Dex = 16 base + 4 tome + 6 item + 2 ship - 2 Earth Stance = 28, not sure I'll have gear slots to improve this Re: Legendary Greensteel Set-bonus Rule. and then visit DDO wiki's IRC Chat/Discord if you need any help! So many places where a quest will not advance until you have killed all the monsters. While the game is on Steam most folks play the game . With all the monk hype and announces being thrown at us, I still havent seen ONE mention of greensteel kamas or quarterstaves being added. Try the DDO wiki page. A green steel crafting video for beginners. Some (or many) of the best items of the game must be crafted: be it the so-called greensteel items from the vale of twilight, or the epic Sword of Shadow. with no additional upgrades applied to it. One of the best ways to get free vBucks!. Thus they require additional secondary Foci (as shown by the extra column in the following table) and 4 Manufactured Ingredients in total. . One-Handed, Two-Handed, Quarterstaff, Great Axe, Crossbow, Repeating Crossbow, Bow, Rune Arm, Orb and Shields. If you went eth/opp & mat/opp you'd get a 2pc bonus calculating at 2x opposition augs for +5% hp. First select the item you are going to enchant. Greensteel Crafting Calculator 2. Shroud craft Non Weapon Monk ? The pendulum is swung too far. Green Steel Crafting was not exactly easy for me to figure out. Barb ? Green Steel Crafting Recipes Meridia - Altar of Fecundity . Greensteel Item. Using the "YourDDO Legendary Green Steel . Sometimes it seems like most of them do. CRAFTING Crafting Greensteel Cannith Crafting GUIDE DDO wiki Guide Arpisti Builds Newbies Guide UTILITA' INGAME Puzzle Solvers Item Search Acronimi DDO PLANNERS Character Planner Destiny Planner UTILITA' VARIE DDO pre-loader v2 Ddo Store DDO NEL WEB Ddo Gamers - Blog. Tier 1 Effect. Fix: Item "Legendary Black Satin Waist" now correctly has a +2 Quality Spell Focus Mastery (Reported by Laur) Fix: Some typos and incorrect effects in some greensteel weapons fixed as Attuned Bone items created from them Fix: Items fixed:---"Legendary Scale-Stone of Malice" now has the correct stat values (Reported by Amateretsu) To receive your in-game items, log into the game and speak with the NPC Zalnathe, who is located in the north docks of Stormreach Harbor. Dungeons & Dragons Online ( DDO ) Crafting Planner (Updated 11-03-2010 to add linking to item details/instructions/recipes) . I am trying to craft a legendary Cloak with +20 Enhancement bonus to critical damage with cold spells +10 Insight bonus to critical damage with cold spells +5 Quality bonus to critical damage with cold spells. . FVS ? So yesterday I made a post asking for some of the best TR items in DDO, after going through all of them and ranking them, here is a list with my favorites. DDO Named Gear Planner v0.8.11. . The durability is now set to 0 when the item is marked as "broken beyond repair." This means that items will end their life at the repair person and not at the hands of a monster. Source code (zip) Source code (tar.gz) All reactions Pfhoenix. Zalnathe is a Dragonborn. Use alternate components. Submit to earn an easy chance for Prem By Gaming-News: Replies: 4 views: 1803: dradle: Orb Save Bonus (stacking) By lostjester: Replies: 6 views: 3129: imovun: Arcane Archer Imbues Stacking By . . DDO is not the perfect MMO. The fear of "threatening too many types of content" hobbles stealth play. The best weapon in the game is called a Mineral II Greensteel. When I click to launch the game (regardless of server), the launch window disappears and then.nothing. Old greensteel skill bonuses gave +1, +2, and +3 for each respective tier, and they would stack if you got all of them for a total of +6. Assets 3. (Temp HP Proc) Greensteel Mineral HP Item (+45 stacking HP, 100% Fort, +6 Con Skills, +4 Str Skills) Greensteel Concordant Oposition SP Item (+150 Wizardry, +150 Stacking SP, Temp HP . Half the price in the DDO market ($20) but 80% the price of previous expansions in the store (2k points vs 2.5k). You may speak with Zalnathe at any time to claim your items. 3 x 3 4 x 4 5 x 5 6 x 6 Circular.

Current greensteel skill bonuses give +2, +4, and +6 for each respective tier, and they do not stack so if you get the Devastation skill boost you get +6 while letting the other two abilities remain flexible for a different bonus. 7, 8, 9] Replies: 133 views: 331007: boyboyboyboy: DDO needs new info! Weapon type varies, but it's usually Khopesh. 7.2 Other Resources Green Steel items The term Green Steel blanks, or simply Green Steel items, refers to the base item crafted using base ingredients (Pebbles, Funk, Twigs, etc.) Wrack Construct: The base attack deals +1[W]. While I decided that for a TR's green steel equipment I can go with only a swappable CHA skills +6/SP item and a permanent conc-opp/HP item (yes I love having a blue bar! Notes All Tier 3 weapon augments are considered "Double Shard"-equivalent upgrade. A green steel crafting video for beginners. There is a bug with TR and the bank, which as far as I'm aware hasn't been fixed yet. throughout the throne room the will be some spawns of Arcane skellys as well as archers. And I pray to the DDO gods that there was a faithful translation of con op. For Neverwinter on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "NWO vs DDO". No new race, but you got monster manual 8 instead. This sounds like it was an uneccessary change, LGS items were reletively on par with other loot. and an ability to transfer the properties of named items from armor onto docents and vis versa. Sorc Archmagi Wiz Archmagi Cleric ? Cleric ? However the guard effect on items seems to be borked as was noted on Lammania. Soooo, I rewrote about half of the engine from Tier 2 Bonus on up. First greensteel should ALWAYS be a double pos maul (holy, goodburst). Steps Toward a Solution: In task manager, I did not find any programs running (after clicking to launch the game) that relate to either DDO or Turbine. Fishing for your opinions or suggestions on what you've built for your characters. Tier 2 Bonus Effect . Ranger ? Your second item falls under the weird rule of dom/opp/esc counting as blank in a way. 2 Continue this thread level 2 SpartanKiller13 Green Steel: Greensteel is a special material that can be crafted in the Vale. Fighter ? Contents 1 Ingredients 2 Base items 3 Recipes, Slots and Augments 3.1 Differences from Heroic version 4 Bonus effects for weapons 5 Bonus effects for equipment 5.1 Dominion / Escalation / Opposition bonus Print Post. Soloing DDO with store-bought items can be considerably easier (e.g. After a few years of operating under a subscription-based model they migrated to a F2P model where new adventures, races, classes and items could be purchased using points that can be either earned in game or purchased. Fighter Maybe displacement, Shock guard, ?? Search: Ddo Cannith Crafting Planner. . Select items and enchant type: Check all (Default: one-hand and shield. Hi folks I am a lvl 17 rogue new to the game and was wondering what weapons/items I should try to craft. DDO Vale Puzzle Solver. Hey DDO'ers. In the video I show how to use the green steel crafting planner, how to use the green steel crafting devices and. ), I am still pondering about the minimum weaponry since I know that after 20 there are much better . t2 : esc/mat for hps and skills. With the main things going for them being that they were customizable and had a set bonus. Reply With Quote 04-19-2010, 09:49 AM #2 Triple elements weren't correctly showing the bonus, which was actually a really simple fix that I made into an enormous issue. 744 Best greensteel items per class? In the video I show how to use the green steel crafting planner, how to use the green steel crafting devices and. Legendary Green Steel items Legendary Green Steel (abbreviated LGS) is a crafting system introduced in Update 29. Previously when an item was at 1 max durability, it was already "broken beyond repair" but it didn't appear to be, causing confusion. I know I had it down for quite a while, but there was a flaw that I needed to fix. Special event items now will be filtered out properly if the source is unselected; v0.7.1 Changelog: minor artifacts will no longer be affected by raid drop settings; v0.7 Changelog: added quest source data, can now hide items from specific adventure/expansion packs; item property listing now displays whether an item drops from a raid or not As well as stretch goals of cosmetic crafting (armor dyes and the like) All Green Steel ingredients can be gathered into Ingredient Bags. If you have purchased the two extra bank pages from the DDO store and then TR, there is a chance that on your new life nothing will happen whenever you talk to any banker - your character bank, shared bank, and reincarnation cache will all fail to appear, no matter how many times you try or how long you wait. (taken from Lights out puzzle solver and modified) 2 colors 3 colors 4 colors 5 colors. This will work because one of the items has opposing augs that differ from the set that you want. I was looking up how the skill works after handing in crappy item after crappy item (seriously WW gave better rewards than some of these marketplace dungeons), and while the differences aren't large, they aren't small. #DDO How to do the dwarven maze . Weapons Monk ? Ranger ? . Create Final Item - Greensteel Goggles With Wizardry VI, +1 Int Skills, +50 sp, +2 Cha Skills - +6 Wisdom, +10 Diplomacy, +10 Haggle, +100 sp . +5 Enhancement Bonus: +5 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls. Eg having 2x t1 accessories, eth/dom & mat/opp, you'll get no bonus because there is no dominant augment for the 2pc set to go off. Cannith Crafting is pretty much useless past character lvl 15, with a few rare exceptions. Performing an Alchemical Ritual. Top items to strive for are Titan Belt, Madstone Boots and the Sword of Shadow. Your second item falls under the weird rule of dom/opp/esc counting as blank in a way. Thx for the suggestions.

So are you seriously telling me your adding monks and no monk weapon recipes? Steel: Steel is the common metal used to make weapons and armor. No one will wait for the sneaky guy to power up anything that requires being in sneak. Mythic Weapon Boost +2 or +4: +2 or +4 Mythic bonus to Melee, Ranged, and Universal Spell Power. Once you get to 2 or more items like that, it starts breaking the set. * One Heroic Otto's Irresistible Box per account. This doesn't answer the root problem, but I found that the Play Instantly button and it's Happy Cloud version would install and run when the other installer would seem to do a full install but the game installation couldn't reach the game servers on a new Windows 8.1 system. ; The Curative Cloak grants 1 charge of Cure Light Wounds per rest. Accessories) Green Steel Weapons Base damage comparison With Update 14, all Greensteel Weapons were changed to provide 1.50 [W] damage, where [W] stands for the base damage dice of the weapon, which are listed below. Tier 3 Second Shard. The launcher for DDO appears, then performs necessary downloads. 2nd item. Tier 3 . Sorc ? I suggest you go there and spend sometime going through the various sections. One of the best ways to get free vBucks!. PREMIUM MEMBER REVIEWS - WHY WE ARE THE BEST By Tault_admin [ Go to page: 1. From DDO wiki. Having one item with 2 dom and one non will still give dom. 0.8.9 c83d5a4. I have heard of Min 2 and Rad 2 but not sure what would suit a rogue better, same goes for items. Compare. What are the best looking Items in DDO for Glamoring? I'll try to keep to one negative per post, and I WILL post my thoughts on each, fwiw. Each alter does different things and almost all of them are useful at different times in your characters development. Using the afforementioned feywild Winter set as a comparison to the opposition set. It's possible that I had a corrupted download of the full install . Wiz ? ; The Eternal Wand of Cure Minor Wounds grants 50 charges of Cure Minor Wounds . Once you get to 2 or more items like that, it starts breaking the set. Here you must confront the Archbishop about the curse and stop him at once. 1.47 MB. Tier 2 Effect. He sits on his throne guarded by two construct dogs and once you finish the conversation he transforms into a wraith and the dogs attack. The DDO Wiki has a very nice section on DDOs crafting system. Green Steel crafting recipes. Greensteel Crafting Calculator. Shares: 135. DDO Cannith Crafting Planner and Search Utility Please consider either enabling ads for this domain or using the Donate button at the top of the screen. The DDOwiki has a good explanation of the Green Steel crafting process, which can be found here. 4pc - Ethereal boosts concealment . Choose a tag to compare . Dear Swords, I am looking for some advice from our experienced TRs, though any ideas/suggestions are more than welcome. DDO is a older MMO (came out originally in 2006) based on D&D 3.5 edition. With U32P2, Handwraps are added. I'm not wasting any mats tho until most effects are out. Reaver stuffs pretty easy to get currently. After quitting ddo to travel and work, and not playing for many months. IF that's you, it's fair to say this is PBA.. people with easy access to these things will definitely do much better. And DDO lets you move and shoot with no noticeable penalities unless you using that archer toggle. FVS ? Reply #24 - May 31 st, 2016 at 10:54pm. Rubbinns wrote on May 31 st, 2016 at 8:48pm: t1 : dom/eth for 20% element magic crit multi. Green Steel crafting, introduced with Module 6, is a way to create customized items using ingredients gathered in the Vale Explorer Area, the Vale quests, and The Shroud raid. Hello DDO community, I am back after a 5 years break and loooove the updates. t3 : dom/mat for shitty guards and dom/mat to get the matching set bonus. 2pc - Domion boost SP, Escalation boosts dodge cap, Opposition boosts HP. Jump to navigation Jump to search. I am going for a straight 20 assassin build and use piercing weapons. Weapons: Should be mostly greensteel eventually, but if you have really good greater banes like +5, you can continue to use those too. I have always been confused when it comes to crafting greensteel, both heroic and legendary. In each of these areas, chests may contain Ingredient items, usually denoted with a Purple Background. It never provided a bonus. Dwarves like . Gnomish Weapon Training: +2 to hit and damage with light hammers, light maces, light picks, shortswords, shortbows, light crossbows, and light repeating crossbows Obtain by defeating Slave Knight Gael (Boss) Notes It is available only when you examine a character more closely (indicative of developers' want to downplay guild affiliation) Due to the bonus damage . The shield ritual can only go on shields, the damage rituals are for weapons (including handwraps) while the resistance ritual can go on any jewelry (including trinkets) Next, prepare the item by . 3y Thelanis What would you suggest as a LGS heavy crossbow? Minimum level 26. For the Greensteel Crafting Recipes finally I would recommend the tihocan's shroud planner where you can select the alignment damage 'good' as well as 'Mineral II (Metalline, keen, slicing)' which is a special Tier III effect. Likes: 270. Maybe such a beast resides out there in the far reaches of cyberspace.. if so, I haven't seen it yet. I have tired of the ongoing ridiculous stuff I have seen posted about DDO, and I would like to try to set the record as straight as I can.