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27 April 2016 lizzie syana

How Social Media is Changing CRM

There’s no getting around it, social media is changing CRM in big ways. Social media allows consumers to spread their thoughts about different companies, their products, and their customer experiences. Whether it’s a blog, a tweet, or a message on a FaceBook wall, consumers are making their voices heard – louder and faster than ever before.

Consumers are no more vocal than they were a decade ago, but their reach goes out much farther with the dozens of social networks available to them. So, business owners must listen. Gone are the days of only focus groups, sales data, and surveys. Sure, those things are still integral parts of successful CRM, but so is social media. It’s opened up a whole new dialogue for CRM professionals.

Social media has thrust companies’ focus back onto pure customer relations. It allows consumers to convey their thoughts and feelings immediately and without any filtering. Smart business owners are using these expressions to swiftly deal with unhappy customers, make improvements to their products and services, and connect with their audience.

Today, businesses are actually listening to their customers with high regard and attention. It is unavoidable as they are constantly inundated with messages from various social networks. Social media has allowed consumer thoughts to go viral while allowing businesses to respond more efficiently.