Research proposals must be tribally driven and address the challenges of fighting .

2021. UI IB & Fed Programs Training. ET. Is this available to all Federal employees?

. Melissa Kargiannakis, is the Founder and CEO of skritswap - a start-up that swaps complex jargon into easy-to-understand, plain language. May 11, 2022. Provider: Accessibility Track. Previous Next. VIRTUAL. 2021. The plain language guide to the world summit on sustainable development. The event could end up being a combination of face to face and online. 2018 PLAIN Summit; PLAIN; U.S. Information for People with Disabilities and Their Families About Using Alternatives To Guardianship For Financial Decisions. Download the 2021 Report Card. This year, the Provider Transformation Summit is transforming into the 2021 Provider Transformation Series - a collection of resources and online events that assist providers, county boards, families, individuals, and others to think about and move from facility to community-minded supports. Summit Carbon states the plain language of the rule contemplates that Exhibit Billing Information.

2020 Plain Language CoP Summit . . To break down that description, "clear" means it's easy for someone to understand the first time they read it. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Veterans' Health Administration (VHA) will conduct 55 virtual diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) listening sessions for Veterans August-September 2021 in support of EO 13985 on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities through the Federal Government. Python Language Summit 2022. In 2021, as closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic continued, plain writing remained critical to our engagement with the public and NARA staff. Photo by Chris Bijalba, Lincoln Park Zoo. The event, themed "Innovation to Impact: Leading from the Future," provided participants the opportunity to share ideas and to work towards creating a culture that accepts more risks with innovative ideas to deliver programs and projects more efficiently in a cost .

Efficiency is critical if you want someone to read your document and retain the . "Well-organized" speaks to the . The Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN) is a community of federal employees dedicated to the idea that citizens deserve clear communications from government. Python Language Summit 2021. Nicolas Rosine Received: December 10, 2021/Accepted: February 25, 2022/Published online: March 12, 2022 The Author(s) 2022 . If you were unable to attend the 2022 in-person event or missed one of your favorite presenters, then this summit is for you.

ET Application JustGrants Deadline: July 6, 2021, 11:59 p.m. Earlier, she published her Master's research on health tech. "We are operating in the massive $60 billion [USD] global language learning market" (Bernhard Niesner, CEO of Busuu, 2020).

. OTS Users will enter data for those whom they provided services to in September 2021. 03 .

You may have new employees or new customers unfamiliar with the jargon, acronyms . "Concise" means it says what it needs to in as few words as possible. 2021 Federal Plain Language Summit: Online Glossaries. On October 27 and 28, 2020, the Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN) brought experts together to explain how plain language can improve our . Melissa has won the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada, an award from the Queen of England, and the Top 20 Most Innovative Companies in Canada. Mar 02, 2021 Rashmi Chugani. Hosted by GSA's Technology Transformation Services (TTS), the TTS Impact Summit Series is the perfect setting for both agency decision makers and industry to learn about the government's biggest IT modernization opportunities.. Early's presentation, "Creating Data-Driven Decision Frameworks to . Data . The free, three-day conference takes place in a virtual atrium, and features a series of educational panels on best practices for small businesses to pivot and recover in a changing economy. STC, the Nominating Committee, and the Board of Directors are pleased to announce the results of the 2020 STC election. 1. 2020 Transformation Summit; Strategic Planning Guide; . The standardized codes were developed by a workgroup of 30 hospitals and the recommendation of . 12 . COVID-19 . Serpentine Gallery Legal Lab Report x Amurabi . Plain Language Summit 2018, US General Services Administration, Friday, 20. Look below for discounts; some are based on family size and income. Back to program Back to the 2021 program page Digital Quality Summit. These documents from the Summit laid the groundwork for nationally recognized standards for guardians of adults and formed the foundation for changes to the . The Python Language Summit is an event for the developers of Python implementations (CPython, PyPy, Jython, and so on) to share information, discuss our shared problems, and hopefully solve them. an OER aimed at citizen digital language archivists wishing to make their multimedia content accessible virtual Subhashish Panigrahi Laila . Christopher Balmford (left) presenting the aw ard on behalf of PLAIN to Cinzia Theobald (center) and Rob Mcindon (right) from . 2021. Citizenship and Immigration Services; Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) PLAIN Meetings. Introduction to PCMH 2017: Background on PCMH and PCMH 2017. 19. The field we are playing in is massive, with a market . In 2017, the SEG Near-Surface Geophysics Technical Section conducted the first such event called Drones Applied to Geophysical Mapping.

Bringing together all the major global stakeholders including OEMs, Oil Manufacturers, Service providers, and recognized industry influencers such as Siemens, ExxonMobil, Solar Turbines, Chevron Air Liquide, Framo, Linde and more to not only .

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. View Resource. Ed. The conference will be Covid-free and will be held with the physical participation of the speakers and accredited audience representing leading businesses, financial . For CY 2021, the VBID Model has 19 participating MA organizations, up from 10 in 2019 and 14 in 2020. National Association of . Native Communities Leading and Taking Control of their Native Languages. Newsletter | June 2022 | Vol 7 | Issue 6 . Earthscan Publications Ltd., [c]2005 254 p. $32.50 (pa) The World Summit on Sustainable Development, which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa in late 2002, resulted in the 54-page negotiated Johannesburg Plan of . Title main entry. NEW YORK, Feb. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via BioMedWire -- Lincoln Health Network, a leading conference production company focused on being the go-to source for thought leadership within the . These 19 participating MA organizations are testing the Model in 45 states, DC, and Puerto Rico through 451 PBPs, up from 7 states in 2019 and .

2022 Vets Conference. Our vision is a revolutionized language learning and edtech community that empowers people and organizations to thrive. Bridge will be taking part in the Language Summit, an innovative virtual event that will bring key stakeholders in the language-learning and edtech industries together from March 3-5, 2021. 2021 Awards in the media. The Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program supports cross-system collaboration to improve public safety responses and outcomes for individuals with mental illnesses (MI) or co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse (CMISA) who come into contact with the justice system. and County Boards beginning October 1, 2021. Grammar, punctuation, and the "mechanics" of English are not the issues here. Agency provided the following training sessions: Summit. 2022 Legislative Priorities. VICKSBURG, Miss. Target Audience: All audiences. Recording the Summit:

July 2018. We believe that using plain language saves federal agencies time and money and provides better service to the American public. 06:00 AM (San Francisco) 09:00 AM (New York) 02:00 PM (London) 04:00 PM (Moscow) 10:00 . There will be two 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute break for lunch. Let Speak legal design . Ohio (/ o h a o / ()) is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States.Of the fifty U.S. states, it is the 34th-largest by area, and with a population of nearly 11.8 million, is the seventh-most populous and tenth-most densely populated.The state's capital and largest city is Columbus, with the Columbus metro area, Greater Cincinnati, and Greater Cleveland being the largest . EGFR-tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs), a type of targeted therapy, were also reported to influence the production of PD-L1. Deadline: June 22, 2021, 11:59 p.m. We'll use plain language in any document that: Is used to obtain any of our benefits or services, or for filing taxes; "Ohio Legal Help provides plain language legal information, interactive self-help tools . November 18, 2021 2:00pm 6:00pm EST. 2021 National Native American Languages Summit.

We look forward to discussing these and other findings during the What Works Global Summit 2021: Evidence for Development. This issue of OJJDP News @ a Glance features articles on OJJDP reaffirming its commitment to youth mentoring and mentoring partners, fiscal year 2021 funding opportunities, a Staff Spotlight on Program Analyst Anita Butler, and Federal prosecutors becoming certified instructors for an anti-gang training program. This is the 10th time the Center for Plain Language has issued a yearly Report Card evaluating how well agencies follow the Plain Writing Act. April 21, 2021 Congratulations are in Order! 2021 PLAIN Awards Video! Our mission is to improve people's lives and to achieve positive social change. 2021 CTF Rules and Information. Once more, we want to congratulate PLAIN's Award Winners for 2021 and share the video of the Awards Presentation during Access for All 2021 this past May. Join Us for the Beyond Money Summit. The evidence base, therefore, must move from merely examining effects to comparing implementation models, considering contextual influences and identifying enablers and barriers to implementation. We believe that using plain language saves federal agencies time and money and provides better service to the American public. AgriBusiness Thessaly Summit 2021 is held on 19-20/11/2021 in Trikala-Greece highlighting "The Future of Thessaly plain in the digital era"; spanning across 7 high caliber sessions, 35 focal areas and 40 renowned speakers. Lubrication & Reliability Virtual Summit (LRVS) is the home of lubrication technology development. Summit Carbon states OCA's argument for requiring a ten-day notice to all This talk will give you a formal introduction to the language and a new outlook on the future WebAssembly ecosystem. Events & News. This first event ushered in the topic for future Annual Meetings. Scroll down for the full list of winners and finalists, with links to their media statements and the judges' comments on their entries.

Information for STUDENTS and FAMILIES About Alternatives To Guardianship For Education Decisions. The Python Language Summit is an event for the developers of Python implementations (CPython, PyPy, Jython, and so on) to share information, discuss our shared problems, and hopefully solve them.

Join us virtually for innovative solutions in Digital Quality Summit (July 12-13) Register Now . Back to program . 2021 Disability Summit April 13, 2021 - 10:50 AM-11:15AM. 06 . : Colorado's Arapahoe/Douglas Works! The past Asia Summits received major participation from Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Japan . When facilities reopened or closed, we communicated those changes . Learn how they used plain language in COVID-19 agency responses, and how they combined plain language, accessibility, and user experience. PLAIN LANGUAGE SUMMARY The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought about several changes to the management of patients with rheumatic diseases, such as Abstract Postconvention workshops focused on drones, unmanned airborne systems (UASs), and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have occurred previously at the SEG Annual Meeting. online. It has its roots in functional programming, but is flexible enough to suit your programming style while helping you catch bugs before runtime.