I have every set except one! Welcome to the Custom Bionicle Blog. AU $100.35. Today Im unveiling a project that Ive actually been sitting on for several months and finally summoned the willpower to write about: the BIONICLE Image Database.Its a huge collection of about 7,700 images related to official BIONICLE content, which I started in an

+4. Bionicle Uploaded by KZN02 Top Comments. Was: C $171.62. This category lists all of the regularly released sets including combo packs and product collections such as set number, piece count, year of release, and pdf files of the instruction books. More sets to come as well! Bionicle was a line of Lego construction toys, marketed primarily towards 8-to-16-year-olds.Originally a subsidiary of Lego's Technic series, the line launched in Europe and Australasia in late 2000, and in the Americas in 2001. Shop now.

Get it Tue, Jun 21 - Fri, Jun 24. Great deals on LEGO Bionicle Sets & Packs. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for LEGO Bionicle Original Set - Toa Mata - Set of 6 (8531-8536) all complete at the best online prices at XSZ 611-1 Biochemical Warrior BionicleMask of Light Bionicle Tahu Fire Building Block Compatible Bionicle 71308 Toys Without Original Box. Paper Plane Cursors. Willing to sell Set seperately from the box ($30 for the set & $80 for the box). The Powerpuff Girls. Details about All 6 Lego Bionicle BARRAKI LEGO BIONICLE SETS BRAND NEW SEALED MAKUTA TAKUA BOHROK NUPARU. There are 17358 items in the Brickset database. Then on February 3rd 2021, we will launch a second fan vote of the top three themes from this fan vote which will run until February 10th 2021. 57559pb04. All sets are complete with no parts missing and great condition. LEGO 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox. 98. Did you know? Among a collection of Star Wars, Marvel, Overwatch, Bionicle, and Transformers figures, the Bionicle figures are going to stand out as the different onesfrom a visual standpoint, they just look different. -. Site Statistics. LEGO Bionicle 2016 Pohatu - Uniter of Stone - Set 71306 - Complete. Lego Bionicle Axalara T9.

; 10593 members have logged in in the last 24 hours, 22472 in the last 7 days, 36937 in the last month. Life and death. Bionicle Cursor Set by The Sword of the Heart. so far i found that perusing the "set" lists on bricklink is not a good strategy, as the bionicle pictures normally have a background and are smaller "image sets" edit: found and built this guy so far, and know there are a few more nice sets in here. As we all know, funkeys is dying. Gold Good Guy - Looking Right (Duracell 12 pack AA) {Turaga Lhikan} 22 Parts, 2006. A character toy universe of Lego Bionicle - Lewa, Uniter of Jungle. The LEGO Batman Movie. There are pictures from the LEGO showroon and the BIONICLE van. The brand includes a series of Lego sets designed by Architectural Artist Adam Reed Tucker, and each contain the pieces and instructions to build a model of a famous architectural building in micro-scale. 1x 8922 Gadunka Box Set, called "Hydraxon" on the box. The SHIELD Helicarrier 76042 $320.

You are an anonymous hero washes up on the island of Voya Nui, you approach a matoran named Balta, he is fearful at first, but later realizes you here there to help, he tells you that the six Piraka have found the Mask of Life and have used it to take control of the normally docile creatures of the island and turned them into evil slaves. Bionicle Heroes: Directed by Jon Burton. (2) 2 product ratings - Lego Bionicle 8531 - Pohatu - Used Complete No Box or Instructions. The latest Tweets from Bionicle_Facts (@Bionicle_Facts). Bionicle Barraki Carapar Chest Cover with Marbled Pearl Light Gray Pattern. This figure is HUGE! LEGO BIONICLE SET OF 3 FIGURES SET PIECES! 2016 LEGO MINECRAFT: Four new sets are coming in the LEGO Minecraft line; the #21123 LEGO Minecraft The Iron Golem, the #21124 LEGO Minecraft The End Portal, the #21125 LEGO Minecraft The Jungle Tree House, and the #21126 LEGO Minecraft The Wither. 1 Lb Mixed Colors Lego Bionicle Bulk Pre-owned/ONE POUND of Genuine Mixed Lego Bionicle Brand pieces /Creativity Set / Over 500 bricks Ad by ElaToys Ad from shop ElaToys ElaToys From shop ElaToys. Buy now (#ad) View or order. Pohatu. Click on the pictures to see a full image! One is a Bionicle and the others are sort of like Bionicles. 1d 10h. The LEGO Bionicle theme came out back in 2001, a decade ago. All plastic bags are still sealed except one. The Angry Birds Movie. This theme is obviously in Join Eljay as we count down some of the best sets and designs for the BIONICLE line over the course of it's 11 year run. Ended: Apr 10, 2022. Lego Bionicle Lot- Sets/ Pieces Giant miscellaneous set of Lego Bionicles, parts of old sets as well as 90% complete 71309, lots of masks/ heads Lego Bionicle Large Lot- Sets/ Peices (SEE ALL PICTURES) Condition: Used. See more ideas about lego, lego bionicle, lego bionicle sets. Like us on Facebook! Use them in commercial designs under lifetime, perpetual & worldwide rights. the thing I enjoyed most about this set was the fact that it didn't look all 'junky'! Primarily I'm looking for more spooky/Halloween sets like Hidden Side, Monster Fighters, etc but Technic/Bionicle sets are always of interest. Shop All > Building Sets > Bionicles The Plastic Brick: Unofficial Dealer of used and new LEGO sets Instruction booklet included but no box. These are all of the BIONICLE Sets. Catalog: Parts : Bionicle. BrickSet - BIONICLE Pictures and reader reviews of BIONICLE sets, listed by set number. NSFW. 47313. Bionicle - LEAKED PHOTO OF EXCLUSIVE TARGET ONLY SET: Skeleton Master of Skull. The theme actually replacing it (if it is at all) is a pretty cool Lego line called Hero Factory. Distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment, the film is a stand-alone sequel to the trilogy of films released by Miramax Home Entertainment. Bad Guy (2006) Quick Good Guy (2006) Squid Launcher Function. 673 since June 29, 2009! C $469.13. The concept of identity is a theme that many movies have focused on over the years.

LEGO 41930 Bag Tag Panda. if you agree with the statment said there (it says:i think that the glitches that keep u from finishing the game should be fixed! Bionicle Ball Joint 5 x 7 Arm with dual axle hole at 90 degrees. * CommonKnowledge: The infamous "Mori controversy" early in ''BIONICLE'''s life has been subject to a ''ton'' of exaggeration and myth, with the most common version of the story claiming that Toys/{{Lego}} was sued by Mori activists over use of their language (some claiming that it was sparked by [[DisneyOwnsThisTrope LEGO's attempts to trademark certain i am asking everyone to send an email or go to Each set reference page typically includes pictures of the set and minifigures, a set filecard containing general information, as well as full color scans of the complete original LEGO instruction manual for the set, if available. You can create articles of your own creations and create articles about BIONICLEs designed by LEGO. I'm actually the one who asked him about the other polybags in the first place. Voya Nui Matoran and Axonn and Brutaka pictures! C $145.87. Buy now (#ad) View or Add to wish list. Small box (winter only) Promotional Sets Canister (summer and winter) Titan (summer and winter) Turaga 8540 Turaga Vakama (1) 8541 Turaga Matau (1) 8542 Turaga Onewa (1) 8543 Turaga Nokama (1) 8544 Turaga Nuju (1) 8545 Turaga Whenua (1) Matoran 8944 Tanma (1) 8945 Solek (1) 8946 Photok (1) 8947 Radiak (1) 8948 Gavla (1) 8949 All instructions can be downloaded for free from Lego. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. LEGO 43109 Metal Dragon BeatBox. Nocturn. Aside from the toys in the Lego Bionicle franchise, Lego has also marketed an ongoing book series, several video games (mostly for the Game Boy Advance), and four computer-animated movies which feature important plot points. LEGO 43111 Candy Castle Stage. Lego Bionicle MOC - Happy Dragon (Free Building Instructions) Lego Bionicle MOC - Happy Dragon (Free Building Instructions) Jun 6, 2019 - Explore Amide's board "LEGO BIONICLE SETS" on Pinterest. The line focused on buildable "action figures" (aka "constraction figures"). Some of these sets might be available through Amazon.com. $24.99

1-48 of 251 results for "lego bionicle sets" RESULTS. C $3.37. these all stars are best sellers. All of the below Bionicle sets have been inventoried and are complete. $75. It was the first time LEGO had ever done anything like this, and it was absolutely enrapturing. Theme Nature. Set 8517 Ben 10 Alien Force Humungousaur $12 pictures 1-2 Set 8698 Vultraz Bionicle $25 pictures 3-6 Set 8786 Knights Kingdom Vladek $10 pictures 7-8 Pickup in SW Edmonton in Terwillegar area. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. LEGO Bionicle Takanuva Set 8699 Complete No Instructions No Original Box. May 29, 2015 at 04:11PM EDT +13.

Lego Bionicle Mini Set #20005 Winged Rahi. It is the fourth and final Bionicle film to be released. I really aren't into BIONICLE anymore, but I atleast want over $300 for this bunch of used parts. Bionicle database with pictures of the sets from 2001 to 2009 and other Bionicle informations. No broken pieces. Mata Nui Online Game II. Ferrari Daytona SP3. $18.99. Lego Bionicle TOA KOPAKA NUVA 8571- Complete Figure . We will run this fan vote of all 30 themes from today the 17th of January 2021, to the 25th of January 2021. The Big Four in-house genre themes are Space, Castle, Pirates, and Bionicle. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. Large figures from Lego. I really spent alot on this, and want a good amount of cash for it. It weighs 21 lbs, and has a mixture of parts and sets from 2004-2009. Providead are some pics. by Planetperson. But it was a real hard sell because the pictures didn't show it off well. by Jerd 8361 Different pictures made into cursors. + $11.60 shipping. Computer Mouse Pad, Bionicle (filled with liquid and moving pictures of bionicle sets) LEGO Category: Gears & Prints : LEGO Color: (Not Applicable) Dimensions: 8 mm x 190 mm x 240 mm: BSID: gear__bioniclemat: Year from/to: unknown: Weight: 137 g: Other informations: - National (0) All Shops (0) International (0) Delete.

Those appear to be Bionicle figures, a theme that was active from 2001 to 2009 (and making a comeback in 2015, I hear). Dave's BIONICLE Rants Scroll to the "reviews" section for Dave's reviews of the Toa and Turaga. TrNeonGreen. Built fot the preliminary round of Bio-Cup 2022! Featured sets. Good Guy (2008) Ending Monday at 15:21 EST. Search: Recent: Random: Brickshelf : Sign up: Login: BionicleLegends (61359) | Bionicle-Database/ | Up : Pictures of every sets released from 2001 to nowadays-work in progress-all pictures by Loserkiller : The Hobbit. Pictures of every sets released from 2001 to nowadays-work in progress-all pictures by Loserkiller. The official fan site for all things Bionicle! The LEGO Movie. Bionicle MOC (s), Pyke, toa of water and Nautus, toa of gravity. The Lord of the Rings. Pin Tweet Shop More: Bionicle Uploaded by KZN02 Bionicle Uploaded by TheMeeMGuy Bionicle Uploaded by Moa Bionicle Uploaded by KZN02 Top Comments. (Ames) Lego Bionicle Axalara T9 battle vehicle and driver, Lewa. Delete. Catalog: Sets : Bionicle. And More SEE PICTURES. What is the biggest Bionicle set? What is the biggest Bionicle? How was it made? Quora. Well, the Bionicle set with the most elements was 8759: Battle of Metru Nui , with 858 pieces: But that was the mini sized Bionicle lineup, which you may not count as biggest if you meant largest character. This is a like-new set. It is 100% complete (all pieces, instruction manuals and box). Lego Architecture is a sub-brand and product range of Lego, which aims to celebrate the past, present and future of architecture through the Lego Brick. Photos tagged with bionicle. Bionicle Stars Battle Videos: On Bara Magna, the heroes Tahu, Takanuva and Gresh battle rivals for the Golden Armor. Now, an important thing, Lego Ben 10 is NOT the theme replacing Bionicle (What a relief!)! What Bionicle: Mask of Light Says About Identity. Fast & Free shipping on many items! It follows the toy line's 2009 story Cash preferable payment. Browse 12 professional bionicle stock photos available royalty-free. Good Guy (2006) BIONICLE Stars. by glitchy 101k little paper planes have icons that pop out. Looking through convention photos you will often find AFOLs taking detailed photos of every theme in attendance except for BIONICLE. You will still see legacy conventions with massive followings put the BIONICLE table in the back corner in the dark, with no chairs, while a vendor has table space in the display area with the other themes. New LEGO City sets deliver endless play possibilities for kids. 4.6 out of 5 stars 61. 32270. Buy now (#ad) View or order. Average rating4.5out of 5 stars. Shop All > Building Sets > Bionicles The Plastic Brick: Unofficial Dealer of used and new LEGO sets Story summary- Nautus and pyke are part of as of now the latest, and probably last toa team. Year 2001 Bionicle cursors made with Rayg Kit 2.0, Mega Rayg Kit 2.0, and ToM Cursor Set - Pictures Cursors. So have fun!! 2 Answers. No instructions or box. The theme was Nature and I thought this majestic deer spirit fit that prompt quite well. ; 813 people have joined this week. 8 Lego Bionicle Premium High Res Photos Browse 8 lego bionicle stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. i want to play the whole game! Made for Bio-cup 2022. 0 bids. LEGO Bionicle Kopaka Master of Ice Set 70788 Complete No Instructions No Box. Other products852494 BIONICLE T-shirt852495 Foam Ice Sword852496 BIONICLE Ball Shooter852497 BIONICLE Backpack852498 BIONICLE Cap852695 BIONICLE Classic Pencil Case and Stationery Set852760 BIONICLE T-shirt2853367 BIONICLE: The Legend RebornBIONICLE: Przewodnik Makuty po WszechwiecieBIONICLE: Przewodnik Mata Nui po Bara MagnaMore items One of the first ways many kids (myself included) experienced it was a comic in the LEGO Magazine. Price 499.99 CAD. The pieces in the box are disasembled. 1x 8917 Barraki Kalmah look-a-like. To all who played the mnog2 game and can't finish because of the glitches i have made a statement on the MNOG2 talk page and also made a petition. See the currently available sets at the Online LEGO Shop. As content creators race to catch up to a more socially diverse and accepting world, Bionicle: Mask of Light hit the mark nearly 20 years ago. Technic Connector Block 3 x 4 x 1 & 2/3 with Ball Joint. The LEGO Ninjago Movie. Over the following decade, it became one of Lego's biggest-selling properties; turning into a franchise and playing a part in saving the company