Case Study Middleware – Tibco

Client needs a mobile-based application along with its backend system and middleware application to integrate with systems. One of the main functionality of the mobile application is to enable its user to subscribe to the package provided.

System is expected to accommodate these business services:
1. Account Information
2. Payment
3. Package Information
4. Subscription
5. Notification

The ODP system is expected to handle these capabilities:
1.Transaction History
2.Balance Reloading
4.System Level Notification

Our Solution
Our Customer System, Web-based CMS, and Native Mobile Applications are implemented to fulfill: System and ODP requirements. Project are integrated with OTT, CBS, PGW, PCRF, and DCS systems, with our solution achieved:
– Improve customer experience by providing services through a personal device.
– Improvement in time to deliver the new services or products to the market.
– Automate and integrate systems across all activities.