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01 February 2021

Understanding the Value of API for Businesses in the Digital Era

In today’s digital era, the quality of website or application is considered to be one of important keys to grow a business. As a growing number of customers use website and mobile apps into their daily routines, organizations are discovering valuable new uses for their data sources to innovate and expand their businesses.

Therefore, to get valuable data and use it as your key to grow businesses in the future, organizations need to have digital platform that can be utilized to create new business opportunities, simplify operational, and accelerate product innovations. Then, how can we accomplish that goals? The answer is by understanding the value of API (Application Programming Interface). API allows developers to develop a website or application with some useful and complex (in a positive way) features. And also, by using API, organizations can provide best services to meet every customers growing needs through website or application.

What is the Value of API for Business in the Digital Era?

With the right API strategy, API will enable businesses to have these following capabilities:

1. Connect with customers

The right use of API allows developers to be more innovative in developing website or applications, providing the customers new reasons to interact with brands and connect with it on a personal level. Therefore, the right use of API will give organizations the opportunity to improve customer engagement as well as creating new products in innovative ways.

2. Simplify operations

Organizations can use API strategy to simplify internal operations. For example, organizations can make use of API to distribute information to sales team if they want to give accurate quotes to customers, through accessible web and mobile apps anywhere. Another example of the value of API to simplify operation is when API could enable the internal claims department to more easily access data that will help them process customer claims more quickly, conveniently, and with fewer human errors.

The Challenges in Developing and Integrating API for Business

After understanding the value of API for business in the digital era, business leaders also need to understand the challenges in developing and integrating API and its solutions. 

Over time, most businesses deploy complicated mix of technologies such as applications and computer systems to solve their organizational challenges. Those legacy technologies become increasingly inefficient as they age, they often are not interoperable with updated technologies such as SaaS applications and modern API. Sometimes, these challenges can be handled with point-to-point integrations between existing systems. But now, we cannot just depend on this solution because it gives many disadvantages to user.

Another challenge for businesses in developing and integrating API is the lack of access to effective tools for designing, testing, and monitoring API that can provide relevant feedback into an API’s design and features.

Make API Development and Integration Processes More Effective by Using API Management Solution

To solve the challenges in API development and integration processes, PhinCon offers an easy-to-implement solution for API integration and development, it is called API management solution. It is a solution that businesses can use to design, build, secure, monitor, manage API, and provide relevant feedback into an API’s design and features. This solution make it easy for developers to design, develop, implement, and monitor API — even when it needs to be integrated with legacy systems.

PhinCon’s API management solution provides connectivity that allows developers to access business systems and data to create powerful and advanced API. It also delivers the tools that businesses need to design and build API, and to ensure that their API perform and scale to meet enterprise requirements.

To conclude, API management solution deliver many new advantages for organizations to grow their business in the era where everything needs to be digital, both for internal use (employees and operational) or external (customers).

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