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26 June 2019

Using Social Media for Customer Relationship Management Tools

Almost everyone in this digital era owns a social media to socialize and some of them are promoting their products through social media platform. In fact, more than 3 billion people are active on their social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Social media users also have potential to be your potential customer.

People choose social media to buy all of their needs, and some companies use social media to promote their products and services to users, so that social media becomes a place where sales meets their customers. Entrepreneurs take this opportunity and begin to implement CRM software to expand their market to online platforms.

Track Online Keywords and Habits on Social Media

Websites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube currently use keywords to track all the posted videos on their websites. CRM software can be programmed to allow users to expand this data acquisition for their individual needs.

CRM software is able to track keywords and also find out how many people that type those keywords, it allows companies to target their products to potential customers.

This process is very beneficial to obtain marketing data and allows companies to find out which customers are most suitable to be targeted directly through social media advertising. This site develops programs to collect customer informations, CRM software will provide research capabilities that can be greatly explored.

Tracking Customer Communication

After finding potential customers by searching for the relevant keywords on social media, you can use CRM Software to get clear informations from comments, statements, and communications that are posted by them. This information is very important to specifically target and adjust the process of creating advertising programs.

Examples: Let’s say that your company provides Indonesian CRM Consultant Services. You will know these following characteristic of your potential customer:

  • Who talks about CRM consulting services
  • Their version of preferred services over others
  • Which services are the worst and its reasons

People are free to say about their opinion on online platforms. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are open platforms for them to express their true feelings. Having access to this information enables companies to get customers through developing a good and interesting social media contents.

CRM software has been developed with this social media site. This software also helps to post information on their sites automatically such as event promotions, product sales and other offers which give a good result of high profits and rapid growth for your company.

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