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05 December 2022

Using Event Streaming For Modern Enterprises

Event streaming provides numerous benefits to modern enterprises, particularly those that require real-time data analysis for decision-making. All companies generate events from sensors, system logs, websites, business application transactions, etc. Events are detectable alterations in state or conditions. In terms of content, generated components, and their triggering processes, events have diverse characteristics. Examples of events include:

  • The factory’s temperature sensor rises every 10 seconds.
  • The customer’s credit card expiration date on the CRM application is changed.

This event generates so much data that companies can no longer rely solely on centralized data storage to analyze market trends or take subsequent strategic actions. Massive real-time data streams can be processed, stored, analyzed, and acted upon using event-driven architectures. Event-driven architectures technology processes data flows in three stages, which include:

Event Streaming

An event streaming is a collection of events ordered over an infinite amount of time. CRM applications generate events in the form of changes to customer master data and phone call interactions.

Stream Processing

Stream processing is the continuous, non-blockable processing of event streams in motion. Streams have a very high volume of events, and real-time processing is expected.

Stream Analytics

Stream analytics is a type of event stream processing that identifies actionable data based on patterns and relationships discovered in the data. Using machine learning models, analytics can evaluate and make recommendations or predictions.

Implement PhinCon’s Event Streaming Solution

PhinCon, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, provides event-driven architecture solutions to support the foundation of real-time digital businesses. This solution supports multi-step business processes, such as data synchronization involving multiple concurrent applications. Event-driven architecture solutions can efficiently stream events and data across cloud, on-premises, and Internet of Things environments.



Please send us an email at [email protected] to find out more about PhinCon’s solution for event-driven architectures.




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