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17 November 2021 Marketing Group

Use Application Performance Monitoring Solution to Observe Application Performance

In the era of automation, many companies build applications to facilitate business processes. Applications are made not only for customers but also for employees to facilitate work and streamline business processes. Technology that continues to develop requires application developers to update the appearance or system owned by an application continuously. There is a technology that helps companies monitor application performance, which is the Application Monitoring Performance solution or APM. What features and benefits does the company get when using the Application Monitoring Performance solution? The explanation below shows the features and benefits obtained if the company uses the APM solution.

Features and Benefits of Using Application Performance Monitoring Solution

According to Gartner, Application Performance Monitoring has three main dimensions in monitoring application performance: monitoring digital experiences or commonly referred to as DEM (Digital Experience Monitoring), detecting, tracking, and diagnosing applications, commonly referred to as ADTD (Application Discovery, Tracing, and Diagnostics), and using AI for IT operations (AIOps) on applications. Companies that use the Application Performance Monitoring solution as one of the supporting tools will make the company grow better in the future. The features and benefits that companies get when using the APM solution are as follows:

  1. Detect system errors in real-time

Applications are made with a variety of complex systems. If an error occurs in one of the systems, the application developers should look for the problem source for a long time because it is done manually. Using an Application Performance Monitoring solution can make it easier for the employee to detect errors that occur on the system in real-time. Besides, it can also track root causes of errors, provide warning notifications that administrators can respond to, and provide solutions to resolve detected problems. With APM, application performance will be monitored automatically and in real-time.

  1. Monitor infrastructure performance

Servers and networks are considered as important points in the application. Application Performance Monitoring can monitor the infrastructure installed on the application; one of them is the server. Application performance can be monitored from various sides to run smoothly and boost customer satisfaction.

  1. Detect problems quickly

Similar to websites, applications sometimes also have some problems. Problems in the application can not be seen with bare eyes, and they are sometimes hidden in the system. Using an APM solution can detect problems before users experience them. Application Performance Monitoring solution can track application performance that is not running properly by tracking transactions, distributions, and databases. The APM solution also has a reliable analysis system to help your company identify complex problems in the application.

  1. Optimize application performance

The results produced by APM are not only about problems with the infrastructure or what happens to the backend but also about the application’s performance as a whole. Application Performance Monitoring solution can compare the performance of your company’s applications by looking from various sides, such as the server to the end-user view. With this solution, your company can optimize overall application performance, increase user satisfaction, and achieve maximum customer experience.

  1. Maximize data processing

Application performance by APM solution can improve performance on the system to the user’s display. Application Performance Monitoring can create any data based on company needs. Moreover, the Application Performance Monitoring solution can also find areas in the application that need improvement to facilitate decision-making. Data processing in the form of statistics, analysis, and various insights can be generated by the Application Performance Monitoring solution so that your company can process data optimally and facilitate decision-making to improve customer experience.

  1. Provide an easy-to-access dashboard display

The dashboard display owned by APM is effortless (very easy) to access. The Application Performance Monitoring solution has an analytical dashboard that displays all running processes in the application system. Administrators can also create custom analytics and insight dashboards that can be adjusted to the end-users needs.


Companies need an Application Performance Monitoring solution to ensure optimal application performance. Prevention and displayed data allow companies to provide the best service applications for customers. In the end, the company will be benefited because the customer and employee are satisfied with the application.


Phintraco Consulting, commonly referred to as PhinCon, is a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group that provides IT consulting services; one of them is APM solution. PhinCon has been serving IT consulting for more than 12 years with companies in various industries.


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