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11 May 2019

Unify Customer Experience in a Customer Relationship Management Platform

If you have a business, you must think that it would be much easier if you have a connected customer experience across channels, so that you do not need to waste your time by asking the same questions to your customers. If you are doing any of these, your service management needs to be revised. If they feel unhappy with your servicesthey will just move on and find another company that can fulfill and simplify their needs. As we know, customer experiences need to span organization and infrastructure across marketing, sales, and service.  

To avoid a poor customer experience in your business, Salesforce presents a new feature called Salesforce Customer 360, this product combines Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud in one platform.

Before going to the main topic of this article, we have to know first about the functions of each cloud.

  • Marketing Cloud:

Marketing Cloud is a CRM platform for marketing that enables them to create and manage the relation of marketing and campaign with customers. The Marketing Cloud integrates solutions for customer journeys, email, web, social media, advertising, content creation, and data analysis management.

This software also helps entrepreneurs to get the best decision for their campaigns. As an example, you can decide the best and effective channels to deliver campaigns by using this software. The components called Journey Builder is able to help marketers to adapt your campaigns based on customer needs, demographics, and communication channel preferences.

  • Sales Cloud:

Sales Cloud is a CRM platform that shows the number of sales and CRM tools, and also manages B2B and B2C sales strategies. The platform is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) for browser-based access and mobile applications. The availability of real-time features allow users to share information or ask questions within a user community.

  • Service Cloud:

Service Cloud is a time-saving service platform and has a role as a builder of good relations between the company and customers. You can maximize your service with Service Cloud. Service Cloud is known as the world’s best application for customer service support, designed as a SaaS (Software as a Service) to help companies and clients communicate in one platform that makes both parties interact comfortably. By using Service Cloud, you can provide the best customer services, and ultimately, your company is able to empower customers with a good and active community.

Customer 360_Phintraco Consulting

Salesforce Customer 360 is the latest cross-cloud technology that integrates the previous Cloud products of Marketing, Sales, and Services from Salesforce. Each Cloud will work better together. You will feel the simplicity of the business process, yet produce something better and profitable.

Salesforce builds the out of the box and cross-cloud features for entrepreneurs that use Customer 360 products. Some of them are:

  • With Customer 360, administrators can register various modules of Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Service Cloud.
  • For example, if you are registered as a customer in Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Service Cloud, the system will automatically record that you are the same person, not three different people. Customer 360 will create a unique ID for each person so that the system will unify some notes about that person on various systems.

Customer 360 promises an open-approach for data integration. Customer 360 is an important innovation in integration, where data connectivity is provided with a range of products supported by AI. Salesforce Customer 360 connects and manages customer data across all Salesforce applications easily. With customer 360, your company will have the latest and most complete customer profile.


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