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08 August 2022 Marketing Group

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS): Driving the Future of Contact Center

The cloud is the future of enterprise business communications. Cloud contact center solutions powered by unified communications as a service (UCaaS) enable enterprises to build and scale next-generation contact centers, putting customer satisfaction at the heart of evolving technology and opening incredible pathways to efficiency and scale. The transformation has been significant. Previously, enterprises had to build separate contact centers and pay for installation and maintenance. Alternatively, businesses managed contact center solutions by adding components to existing private branch exchanges.

UCaaS: Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Indirectly, a cloud communication system is the contact center communication system that enterprises frequently use via video calls, chat apps, and audio conversations. UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service is a cloud-based, integrated communication service that supports at least six communication functions, including enterprise telephony, meetings (audio, video, web conferencing), unified messaging, instant messaging, mobility, and communication-supporting business processes. UCaaS is a cloud-based communications service model that provides a wide range of communication and collaboration applications and services.

Advantages of UCaaS

Integration is currently required to smooth and rapidly operate contact center business processes. UCaaS is a comprehensive solution for contact centers. Here are some additional advantages of using the UCaaS model for contact center business communication solutions.

  1. Facilitates remote contact center agents

Remote work will be ineffective unless it is supported by technology that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. According to a Gartner survey, more than 80% of companies want to allow remote work following the pandemic. In this case, UCaaS serves as a communication technology that streamlines contact center agent interactions. UCaaS enables contact center agents to interact effectively and efficiently because everything is accessible.

  1. Solution Adaptability

Scalability and flexibility in critical business operations are well-known characteristics of UCaaS systems. Adding or deleting user accounts to meet the client’s needs better is as simple as clicking a button in the administrative interface. The platform is easy to use, and usage indicators can be tracked using a tracking interface.

  1. Workplace mobility and fluidity

As telecommuting and mobile working become more popular, UC apps must enable users to work wherever they want. Users can call, chat, video conference, or start online meetings from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, regardless of location, using UCaaS services. These solutions are designed for remote and mobile workers.

  1. Cost efficient

UCaaS provides several options to meet your company’s needs. As a result, the cost implementation model for UCaaS is based on the service and the number of users, obtaining a more cost-effective solution.

  1. No additional resources requiring

There is no need to prepare additional agents to implement UCaaS. Future updates, including security features and enhancements, will be delivered automatically. Your IT team will be able to focus on what is necessary for business operations and contribute to your company’s growth.

These are the advantages of UCaaS for your contact center. Companies can use PhinCon contact center solutions to utilise unified communications as a service. PhinCon, one of the subsidiaries of the Phintraco Group, provides contact center solutions with flexible deployment options and operates as a software-based solution, which means it can be easily connected or integrated with other systems based on business requirements.


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