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18 March 2021

The Growing Trends to Simplify API Development

Technology is growing fast and consistently keeping up with the change of users’ needs to do their activities better. The same thing goes for API developers, now they can utilize advanced tools that can help them to simplify API development processes.

Nowadays, the effort of simplifying API development is getting progressively easier due to the result of standardization and improvements in tooling, so that API can be utilized massively to support business activity. Then, do you want to know the growing trends that can simplify API development process? Keep reading this article to know the trends!

#Trend 1: Open API Specification 3.0 (OAS3)

Open API Specification 3.0 (OAS3) helps developer to simplify the API specification. It provides more security features and reusable components for API developers, testers, and API operators. OAS3 offers better control over the entire lifecycle of API – from design, development, publishing, and operationalization to APIs’ retirement.

#Trend 2: Low Code API Development

Low Code API Development let IT teams to design API business logic without getting into complex coding. These platforms simplify API development to automate business processes by providing UI interfaces to design the API development and deployment workflows visually. In short, this trend helps developers to simplify API development because complex coding is not required.

#Trend 3: Event-Driven API

Event-driven API enables application to integrate many products and services based on event-driven interactions, or it also can be based on message from other programs.

By implementing API management platform that offers these three advanced tools, API developer will be able to simplify API development processes. In addition to simplify API development, these growing trends indicate a shift towards better protocols and newer architectural patterns for supporting a better user experience in the future.



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