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22 December 2021 Marketing Group

Serverless Architecture Simplifies IT Architecture

When talking about IT infrastructure and architecture, you can imagine how complicated IT systems and all their architectures are. This complexity sometimes makes the IT architecture abandoned because the IT team will focus on IT development to improve business processes. Technology has been developing and creating alternative technologies to simplify IT architecture. Currently, there is a technology known as serverless architecture. What is a serverless architecture, and what are the benefits for your company? Let us find out here.

What is Serverless Architecture?

Serverless architecture is a software design strategy that makes it easier for developers to create and execute application services without worrying about the infrastructure. Developers can work on coding and ensure applications run on servers that have been provided/operated by a platform without the need to think about server management. Server management such as provisioning, scaling, and maintenance can be more practical since it can be done automatically.

Advantages of Using Serverless Architecture

The main advantage of using a serverless architecture is that the developers can focus on product development since they do not need to manage and operate the server. In addition, network configuration or physical server security will also not be the responsibility of the developers but will be handled by a third party. Are there any other advantages of using a serverless architecture? Yes, and here are the advantages of using serverless architecture:

  1. Better observation ability

Using a serverless architecture will divide the application into several small parts, usually called decomposition. This division will make you have better observation skills. Seeing the app from the smaller parts brings a lot of insight and can make small changes significantly.

  1. Easy and fast implementation

Speed ​​is often considered the most critical factor when using a serverless architecture. With serverless architecture, you can deploy applications quickly in a matter of hours because there is no infrastructure construction to burden you.

  1. Flexibility to accelerate the development of innovations

Faster deployment brings ease of scalability. Using a serverless architecture makes your company more flexible to accelerate innovation.

  1. Reduce costs

Your company can reduce the large investment usually required when developing an IT architecture. Using a serverless architecture outsources the server and database management.

  1. Focus more on UX

Using a serverless architecture will make your IT team focus on improving UX or user experience because IT teams do not have to think about infrastructure and focus on strategic issues.

  1. Better serverless security

Serverless security architecture already has a recognized and certified level of security standardization, such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and others.

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