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02 May 2021 Marketing Group

Real-time Analytics and Its Benefits for Businesses

Having an agile business culture and dynamic capabilities that help companies to adapt quickly is vital in order to be able to compete in today’s competitive environment. Why is that so? We know that everything has gone digital now, data and time become the most crucial factors for business growth.

When digitalization is everywhere, modern companies need to have capabilities to use their data and take full advantage of it in a short span of time. However, in fact, not all companies have the capabilities to use their data and take advantage of it in a short span of time. Lack of tools and skill shortages become the common challenges.

For that matter, there is a powerful option for companies to overcome those challenges. They can leverage the technology implementation called Real-time Analytics.

Real-time Analytics allows companies to solve this challenge by making decisions with immediate and informative insights drawn from data. The decisions are made in the same time as the data is generated in real-time.

Have you heard about real-time analytics and its benefits for businesses? Let us take a closer look in these following explanation!

Real-time analytics and its benefits for businesses

Real-time Analytics is a technology used to have an ability to see, analyze and assess data as soon as it appears in a system. This solutions provides insights drawn from data, and the output will be received as a dashboard and visual report that makes it easier for users to understand the results.

For businesses, real-time analytics can be used to meet a variety of needs – including enhancing workflows, aligning marketing and sales strategy, understanding customer behavior, making financial close procedures and more. This solution is used for certain cases that are related to Big Data.

How does Real-time Analytics work?

Real-time Analytics works by pulling big data into the system. In order to pull big data into a system, it has a tool called aggregator.

Furthermore, outputs from Real-time Analytics can appear in just seconds. To make it work effectively, it generally includes the following components:

  • Aggregator – It is used to pull big data from various sources
  • Broker – It is used to process data to make it ready for analysis
  • Stream Processor – It is used to execute data and perform analytics in real-time
  • Analytics Engine – It is used to value the data and streams it together with analytics

One of the biggest benefits of using Real-time Data Analytics for businesses is the ability to take decisions in a timely manner. Through its accurate insights, we can remove, update and introduce new business ideas and processes to entire organization with little risk as it lets you make data-driven decisions. To know which industry sectors might it be best for Real-time Analytics, kindly check this article:

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