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28 August 2019

Optimize Sales Productivity with Sales Cloud

Maximizing people to buy your product or service is an important part for entrepreneurs if they want to have a successful business. Most of salesperson in a company try so hard to find any opportunities to increase profits and business productivity. However, the complexity of administration process becomes an obstacle for them to do their main task perfectly.

The inefficiency of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process will reduce sales productivity, most of salespeople feel that the administration process related to CRM is still going through a difficult and inefficient process. Their work hours are often spent on administration stuffs that has no relation to their main responsibility, that is selling products or services.

To satisfy customer needs, Salesfore Sales Cloud comes to help salesperson to focus on their main responsibility. Sales Cloud is a cloud-based application designed to support sales productivity by centralizing customer information, recording customer interactions, and automate salesperson daily task.


With Sales Cloud, a salesperson will maximize their time to increase sales productivity than administration stuffs process. For sales manager, Sales Cloud gives a real-time visibility for his sales team. So, your sales cycle will be more controlled and it can be customized to your workflow.

Salesforce Sales Cloud features:

  • Prepare and make it easy for salesperson to get more leads, accounts and sales opportunities
  • Sell products and services with the best method
  • Change Page Layouts to simplify sales work
  • Prepare the records needed to manage different sales or service processes for various types of accounts, prospects, opportunities, etc.
  • Prepare any validation rules for salesperson needs

Benefits of using Sales Cloud:

  • Get better visibility for better sales opportunities
  • Predict customer responses about your product in the future
  • Knowing trends to satisfy customers needs and develop business innovations based on the most updated information
  • Optimize sales and marketing strategies

Salesforce Sales Cloud is able to help salesperson to decide the best time to process sales opportunities and communicate with customers. By knowing the best time, it will create a better relationship between salesperson and customers.

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, maximizing sales cycles, productivity, and creating better relationships with customers is not a big deal.

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