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15 December 2021 Marketing Group

Observing Serverless Architecture Performance with Cloud Monitoring

Is your company has implemented a serverless architecture? If your company has not implemented a serverless architecture, find out more about serverless architecture in this article “TITLE”. However, if your company has implemented a serverless architecture, now is the time to use cloud monitoring. What is cloud monitoring? Why is it important? Let us find out in the explanation below.

What is cloud monitoring?

Cloud monitoring is a method for reviewing, observing, and managing IT operational performance using a cloud-based system or what is commonly called a serverless architecture. Using cloud monitoring will help your IT team observe and ensure that websites, application servers, and other cloud infrastructure are available and running properly. Continuous monitoring will increase resources and server response time and prevent problems. It is essential to use this cloud monitoring solution to provide a more profound and complete understanding of cloud performance.

Benefits of using cloud monitoring

Cloud monitoring can help the IT team observe the performance of the serverless architecture. So, are there any other benefits if companies use it? Below is an explanation of the benefits of using cloud monitoring:

  1. Improve observation ability

Your IT team will immediately notice problems occurred because cloud monitoring will give alerts. Cloud monitoring can also measure transactions, enhance system monitoring capabilities, and display valuable metrics, logs, and traces.

  1. Scan files in real-time

Serverless architecture is an IT system without the need to manage infrastructure. Thus, using cloud monitoring can make it easier for your IT team to observe the serverless performance in real-time.

  1. Monitor serverless performance across locations

Although serverless is a simple IT system, serverless has various systems. However, using cloud monitoring to monitor serverless performance can improve observations on each serverless component. Cloud monitoring can identify systems such as mobile apps/browsers, cloud computing services (AWS, Azure, GCP), monolithic application & application microservices, server OS (cloud, on-prem, or virtual), and managed services.

  1. Combine monitoring tools with different cloud providers

Many cloud providers are already available in the market. Currently, cloud monitoring can be combined with the cloud from AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

  1. Intelligent analysis and alerts

Cloud monitoring has intelligent capabilities. You can explore data, generate correlations automatically, and reduce problems with this solution. Besides, it can visualize your serverless architecture performance, troubleshoot, and monitor all your serverless architecture functions in one place. 


Cloud monitoring is beneficial for those who use a serverless architecture or cloud system. Phintraco Consulting or PhinCon is a cloud monitoring service provider company and a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group. Your company can consult with PhinCon to implement a cloud monitoring solution.


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