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14 February 2022

Myths and Facts about Using Omnichannel for Customer Experience

Customer experience is one thing that makes a difference for companies in serving customers. The existing digital transformation continues to develop, forcing companies to keep up with technological developments to meet customer expectations. Developments in the contact center in serving customers have also grown from time to time. Starting with only telephone services at the contact center back then, now customers can report complaints from various channels such as email and even Twitter and other social media.

Myths and Facts about Omnichannel

The omnichannel solution offers access to multiple channels in the contact center. However, many people think that using various media (channels) in a contact center makes reporting complaints and disseminating product information more complicated. Omnichannel is the right choice to improve customer experience because it uses a series of interactions across various channels and can manage the customer journey when accessing the contact center. Let us discuss the omnichannel facts below:

1.      Multichannel contact center and omnichannel are the same

Many people think that multichannel in a contact center is the same as omnichannel. Multichannel and omnichannel are different and not just marketing gimmicks. Multichannel can facilitate the customers to interact through multiple channels. On the other hand, omnichannel can integrate various channels while also managing and optimizing customer journeys.

2.      Transformation into omnichannel is complicated

Switching from a conventional contact center system to an omnichannel is easier than you might think. The company does not need to replace the entire infrastructure by doing this transformation. Besides, it also can be implemented gradually according to company needs and integrated with your existing system.

3.      Employees do not get much benefit from customer experience platforms

Employees are the most important asset in improving the customer experience. Contact centers will not succeed without good contact center agents because they are the ones who directly interact with customers. The use of omnichannel also improves the employee experience. The omnichannel solution has an easy-to-use desktop display and includes various analyzes that employees can access. So, employees can improve their services. Omnichannel also makes it easier for employees to see what media customers use on one desktop.

4.      Omnichannel only helps the contact center

Sometimes, the customer interactions in the contact center are not only done by the contact center agent. Some issues require cooperation with other departments. The omnichannel solution helps the contact center cooperate with all departments such as marketing, finance, and other departments. Therefore, the use of omnichannel helps the contact center collaborate with all relevant departments in serving customers.

Those are some myths and facts if you use omnichannel in the contact center. The use of technology will facilitate employee performance, and the company will feel the benefits for customers. You can implement omnichannel in a contact center with PhinCon. PhinCon or Phintraco Consulting is a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group that provides IT Consultancy services. One of the technological solutions offered by PhinCon is omnichannel in the contact center. Breaks the omnichannel facts with PhinCon.


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