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21 November 2022 Marketing Group

The Importance of Digitally Managing Employee Data

Prior to the advent of the digital age, HR departments used manual methods to manage employee data, which complicated departmental tasks. The manual management of data can be time-consuming, resource-intensive, and susceptible to human error. In addition, how much time and paper will be wasted printing out each employee’s information? However, with digital technology, process efficiency is highly possible. With the assistance of digital technology, more and more tasks will be completed with a higher quality and greater precision than when completed manually. Digital technology can simplify not only the process of employee data management, but also a large number of routine HR tasks.

Digitizing the HR Process to More Efficiently Manage Employee Data

Even though we have entered a digital age, there are still a large number of companies that have not fully embraced technology. In fact, the use of digital technology can aid in the expansion of enterprises. The digitization of HR responsibilities enables enterprises to streamline HR processes in terms of time and money. For instance, digitizing the data management process will reduce the time required if manual methods are used. Employee data includes not only personal information, but also information regarding leave rations, length of service, accomplishment history, and more. Using technology to manage HR administration allows for a reduction in personnel. You must understand that digitally managing employee data will provide numerous advantages to your company. It is designed to make it easier for the HR department to plan and manage employee distribution, among other advantages.

Why Properly Managing Employee Data Is Crucial?

Managing employee data is a crucial part of any company. Properly managing employee data will aid employees, HR departments, and companies in achieving organizational objectives. Managing employee data requires additional precision, so that the data to be stored is accurate. With the advancement of technology, HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is here to facilitate the management of a company’s data and human resources. This type of digitization facilitates the simplification of HR administrative tasks. Additionally, the HR division can complete tasks and responsibilities more efficiently and effectively. The following are reasons why employee information should be properly managed:

  1. Control of employee personal data made easier

Properly managed and stored employee data will be easier to control. Both employees and HR have the ability to view employee personal information. Obviously, the access granted to each party is distinct so that the confidentiality of the data is maintained.

  1. Simplify employee performance evaluation

Better employee data management will facilitate the HR department’s performance evaluations. HR does not need to rummage through old files to locate employee data from the prior period because the data is readily accessible. From the data, the HR department can evaluate the performance of each employee and develop a plan for their professional growth.

  1. Payroll calculation accuracy

Attendance is a part of employee data; therefore, accurate salary calculations will be facilitated by well-managed employee attendance. Attendance-related factors that affect employee salaries include attendance hours, overtime, benefits, certain shifts, and many others.

If your company effectively manages employee data, it will experience the three advantages listed above. Managing employee data digitally will assist the company in transitioning from outdated or manual methods to a new, more efficient method of managing employees. PhinCon presents as a solution to ensure that the HR department can easily update employee data as a form of HR department digitization. Personal Employee is a feature of that can be used to obtain specific information about each employee. PhinCon, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, enables the HR department to efficiently manage employee attendance and leave, payroll, PPh21 calculation and reporting, employment and health BPJS calculation, and salary distribution. facilitates the monitoring of employee attendance and activities, particularly for enterprises with mobile or dispersed employees.



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