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28 November 2022 Marketing Group

6 Key Features Your Company’s HR App Must Have

Each company is responsible for its portion of the work and duties. Each component must function efficiently to produce output following the company’s goals. Similarly to the HR department, this section is expected to deliver excellent results in managing existing human resources. With technological advancements, these outcomes can be accomplished more efficiently by utilizing HR applications. For instance, the HR department only needs to enter a few required pieces of information into the application to calculate employee salaries. The software will then automatically calculate each employee’s salary and send each employee’s salary information. In addition, the primary purpose of applications and software is to facilitate the HR department’s work in general and to simplify various administrative HR tasks. The application’s goal in the HR department is to streamline and expedite the completion of tasks.

6 Essential HR App Features for Your Company

Choose an HR application with comprehensive features to aid your company’s HR department performs various administrative HR tasks. The issue is that not all available HR apps have the features your business requires. It is possible that the offered price is lower but has fewer features. Therefore, you must choose the best HR application for your company with care. This time, to facilitate your decision-making, we will provide information regarding the features that the HR app of your choice must possess. Here are some essential features your company’s HR app must have.

  1. Personnel Administration

The first feature is personnel administration. This feature aims to discover each employee’s actual information in detail. In addition, the personnel administration feature allows the HR department to easily and precisely update employee information. With Personnel Administration, the HR department can easily update employee personal data, better recognize employee potential, and record all company resources utilized by employees.

  1. Organization Management

Moreover, organization management is a requirement for HR software applications. This function enables the HR department and all employees to work more efficiently and transparently, as well as to know and manage all company information. With Organization Management, the HR department can simplify the management of company costs, visualize the company’s organisational structure, and quickly and easily create qualifications for job categories. Additionally, this feature enables the HR department to organize the work details of each employee transparently and manage the approval flow directly within the system.

  1. Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service is a mandatory feature of the HR application that enables each employee to perform HR-related services independently. Employees can update their personal information, register their arrival and departure, request leave and permission, and apply for overtime with Employee Self-Service. In addition, employees can view and print their pay stubs and obtain information on tax SPT reports and leave quotas. Using the HR application, each employee can perform all these tasks independently and easily.

  1. Leave Management

Leave management is a function that improves the efficiency of the HR department. This feature assists the HR department in automating the calculation of employee leave quotas, leave management, and permission management. Consequently, this feature is also required for your company’s HR software.

  1. Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration is a function that automates administrative processes pertaining to employee wages and benefits. This feature assists the HR department in automating the creation of payroll journals, tax calculations, employment BPJS, and even monthly and annual tax return reports. Payroll calculation activities are typically the most time-consuming for the HR department, particularly the administration. As a result, this feature is the top priority when choosing an HR application.

  1. Time Management

Time Management is the final, but no less important, feature. This function manages the diverse work schedules of employees. This feature enables the HR department to monitor employee attendance hours from anywhere and at any time. In addition, this feature manages the overtime calculation for all employees quickly and accurately and simplifies the process of employee attendance reporting. This feature is also useful for enhancing employee productivity through efficient scheduling.

The six essential features must be included in your company’s HR software. In selecting the appropriate HR application to support the performance of the HR department, you must ensure that the chosen application possesses the following six features. However, if you want to select an HR application that includes all of these features, is the best option for the company. PhinCon, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group, provides HRMS solutions. The HRMS solution provided by PhinCon is to facilitate the HR department’s work in general and simplify various administrative HR tasks. In addition, will provide your company with a multitude of additional benefits.


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