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04 April 2022

Improve Employee Experience using AARI

Various applications are present to make it easier for customers to access the desired service. The applications present can automate the system of buying, selling, and even getting information. What we commonly know is that automation only applies to customers. However, have you ever imagined that employee work can also be automated? The company can currently use AARI solutions to facilitate employees with their work. What is AARI? What jobs can AARI automate? Let’s talk about it. improve employee experience

What is AARI?

AARI is an Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface that provides a simple front-end interface for users to execute and interact with bots and applications. If a company uses an AARI, it allows real-time communication between employees and bots. Repetitive and time-consuming work can be automated using AARI. The company also gets an increased customer experience due to increased employee productivity and decreased operational costs.

Why Is It Important to Use AARI?

Businesses move quickly nowadays because of technology. Automation is very necessary for business. An AARI helps Your company to achieve the following goals:

  1. Simplify everyday tasks, such as reporting and tracking urgent requests.
  2. Collaborate easily with your team’s applications and bots, thus increasing the average handling time, which will impact increasing customer satisfaction.
  3. Automate escalations and approvals because AARI can speed up complicated requests.
  4. Increase ROI because there is a large investment in infrastructure, training, and set-up costs for the company.

Types of Work That AARI Can Help

AARI can act as a digital assistant for each employee. Automation across employees can be implemented because AARI has easy access across platforms, applications, and devices. Data merging and complexity due to the number of applications used by employees can also be simplified on one panel. Here is an example of a work that uses AARI:

  1. Front-office

Make front-office work easier using AARI. AARI can make teamwork easier through intuitive screens and trigger automation based on agent activity, IVR, application interactions, etc.

  1. Back Office

AARI helps speed up the use of RPA in the back office. Implementing AARI in the back office can be done from SLA to cash flow. Repetitive manual tasks will be automated, and cost savings can be achieved.  

  1. Scalling RPA

If Your company has implemented RPA, automatable work can expand using AARI, not just in front and back offices. The entire division layer of your company can access bots and automate day-to-day work.

That’s an explanation of how AARI can increase employee experience, which will impact employee productivity. Employee experience is currently one of the points that the company pays less attention to. For this reason, increase the employee experience using AARI and then feel a different work experience to increase employee productivity. Your company can implement AARI with PhinCon, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group. PhinCon is a company engaged in IT Consulting, Software Development, Middleware, and Managed Services.

 improve employee experience

More information about AARI and RPA can be obtained by sending an email to [email protected].

improve employee experience


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