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25 April 2022 Marketing Group

Hyper Automation: Gartner’s Technology Trends 2022 that Benefit Companies

Do you know the technology trends of 2022 published by Gartner? In October 2021, Gartner, one of the IT research and consulting companies, launched the technology trend of 2022. One of the technology trends that will increase its use in 2022 is hyper-automation. In the midst of the rise of automation in business processes that companies are launching, we do not realize that automation occurs in our daily activities. The automation process is supported by a variety of technologies known as hyper-automation. Do you know what hyper-automation is? Let’s look at the explanation.

What is Hyper automation?

Hyper automation is a business-driven approach that companies use to rapidly identify, examine, and automate as many business and IT processes as possible. The rapid growth of technology makes this approach possible because hyper-automation combines AI technology with RPA, or robotic process automation. All the repetitive tasks that usually occur can be automated. The use of various technological tools such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) will work harmoniously to automate complex business processes. Hyper automation is a real approach to digital transformation.

What Are the Benefits of Hyper automation in Companies?

It’s no secret that using technology in business will increase productivity. However, the company has yet to feel the benefits of the technology since it has not completely utilized it. The hyper-automation strategy is one of the most effective technology strategies to increase productivity. It can integrate silo functions and processes and free employees to do repetitive manual tasks and spend time. This will increase productivity, improve communication and coordination, and increase efficiency and cost savings. By use of RPA and AI in hyper-automation will provide other benefits for companies, including:

  1. Speed up complex work

Hyper automation is able to obtain everyone involved in business transformation. It is supported by complex work that is automated by relying on input from each person’s knowledge assisted by AI technology.

  1. Creation digital workers

Digital workers will be indirectly created due to RPA. Well, that repetitive tasks can be automated and improve employee performance. These digital workers are agents of hyper-automation change because digital workers can connect to a variety of business applications, operate with structured and unstructured data, analyze data and make decisions, and discover new automation processes and opportunities.

Imagine how much easier your employees’ everyday chores would be if they were automated. Your employees will be more productive, and your company will be more advanced than usual. This is a great image of hyper-automation in companies. PhinCon is a subsidiary of Phintraco Group engaged in IT Consultancy. One of the solutions provided by PhinCon is robotic process automation which is one of the technology solutions to implement this hyper-automation. Your company can consult directly with PhinCon if you want to apply this hyper-automation approach to your business.

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