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10 February 2020 Marketing Group

The Effective Ways To Achieve A Successful Business Transformation

The word  “transformation” has become one of the most attention-grabbing and frequently used terms in today’s business world. The “transformation” itself is used to realizing the company’s goals in creating better customer satisfaction, new opportunities, new efficiency, reducing costs, and driving business growth. Although many organizations are trying to do transformation process, not all organizations can execute its strategy well. To be able to implement the better strategy, organizations must first know about the effective ways to achieve a successful business transformation.

The rapid development of transformation in today’s organizations are also supported by the Indonesian government plan to make Indonesia as the largest digital economy in the Southeast Asia.

A successful transformation is a journey to achieve substantial, sustainable changes in performance that are enabled by long-term shifts in employee mind-sets, behaviors, capabilities, and the ability of an organizations to survive and adapt in an ever-changing competitive market.

At least, there are 3 effective ways to achieve a successful business transformation: effective and innovative solution, sales growth, and reducing costs with efficient operations. We have to focus on the first one, the effective and innovative solution. When the first point is successfully implemented, then the next point will definitely make it easy to achieve further goals.

Then, what is an effective and innovative solution?

An effective and innovative solution is not just limited to a technology product, but it is about how companies implement new strategies to create a better situation for the organization. By combining technology and human capabilities, it will create a more effective and efficient organization. Technology is a great way, but a successful transformation also depends on the human resources itself.  

A successful transformation is for organizations that are able to implement technology for creating a new, integrated, and modern business model. The results are: competitive benefits, sales growth, and higher levels of effectiveness in various aspects.

Doing the effective ways to achieve a successful business transformation is not easy. As an entrepreneur, choosing the best technology solutions, and improving your human resources quality are the best way to implement the effective ways and transform the future of business process.

Eventually, all roles within the organization need to synergize in creating a successful transformation. Let’s implement the effective ways to achieve a successful business transformation and choose Phintraco as your business partner to #TransformTheFuture !

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