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24 January 2022

Deliver Excellent Customer Experience With Technology Solutions

Time keeps moving, and conditions continue to be uncertain. The current pandemic has changed every individual human being in their daily interaction behavior and their behavior as a customer. Today, many companies are shifting their focus to providing a superior customer experience. Currently, customers have high expectations, so the customer experience provided must also exceed the previous system. For this reason, companies need to find the best solution to provide a customer experience that can combine customer preferences and expectations for the services offered.

The Utilization of Technology for Company Business

Customer experience is essential for companies to retain customers and develop their business. Thanks to technology, companies can deliver excellent customer experience in various ways. Below are some examples of using technology as a whole to deliver an excellent customer experience.

  1. Robotic Process Automation for Digital Assistants

Digital assistants are several types of software that can replace human work. One digital assistant that can improve a company’s customer experience is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA tends to be used to do complex work for human capabilities alone. RPA can take over and automate many things that are currently done manually. With RPA, companies can improve accessibility, quality, and customer response time. Companies can implement the RPA solution with PhinCon, a member of the Phintraco Group.

  1. Chatbot for Always-on Service

When it comes to improving customer experience, chatbots are very important. The chatbot is intended to answer the most basic customer questions first, and contact center agents will handle more complex things. AI-based chatbots are a method for automating simple activities to focus on more important and urgent things. Besides, this automation can reduce customers’ time solving their problems and achieving the best customer experience. To implement the best chatbot solution, you can entrust it to Phintraco Technology.

  1. Omnichannel Solution to Eliminate Complexity

Today’s customers are demanding to switch across channels easily. Companies need omnichannel solutions to integrate various existing channels to meet customer needs and provide an excellent customer experience. Omnichannel solutions can reduce the time it takes for customers to switch channels and reduce the complexity of the process required. In addition, the omnichannel integration solution can also improve the performance of contact center agents to meet an efficient customer experience during the handling process. Implement an omnichannel integration solution now with MitraComm Ekasarana.

  1. Speech Analytics to Improve Contact Center Performance

Speech analytics uses AI that can be used in conjunction with other AI operations to optimize the customer experience. Speech analytics can automatically translate 100% of recorded calls to uncover and analyze certain words, phrases, categories, and themes. Speech analytics can improve contact center performance by minimizing handling time, reducing repeated contact by identifying core causes, and anticipating at-risk customers by using contact center recordings. To improve contact center performance, you can use speech analytic solutions from Phintraco Technology.

  1. Customer Identity and Access Management to Protect Customer Data

Many people currently have accounts on various application systems because digital activities are widely used. Companies can use customer identity and access management to protect customer data and improve customer experience to increase customer trust. Customer identity and access management, commonly referred to as CIAM, provides a fast login experience, has an account creation feature integrated with social media, and gives application users the right to manage account security. Your company can work with Aplikas Servis Pesona, an IT Security service provider if you want to implement a customer identity and access management solution.


Some of the extensive technology innovations above are most likely the best solution to deliver an excellent customer experience. However, it would be best if you still thought further about the suitable solution for your company. There are many other technology solutions that you can apply to your company to improve customer experience. Phintraco Group and subsidiaries are ready to help you evaluate and implement the best solution for your company.


Improve customer experience by implementing #WholeTechExperience on your technology system with Phintraco Group.

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Deliver Excellent Customer Experience With Technology Solutions


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