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26 August 2019 Marketing Group

Definition and Benefits of Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a set of cloud-based services that enable business users and developers to build excellent speed application that cannot be defeated by on-premise solutions. Since PaaS is a cloud-based service, we do not need to worry about setting up and maintaining servers, patching, upgrades, and authentication, so that users can focus on creating the best user experience.

Why PaaS?

PaaS is able to eliminate the cost and complexity in evaluating, buying, configuring, and managing all hardware and software required for custom applications. PaaS both have the technical and business benefits.

These are the technical benefits of Platform as a Service:

A good PaaS provider can offer you some improvements, such as:

  1. Expertise

You will get inspiration for great interface design, so that your application can not only be used thoroughly, but it also looks better.

  1. Speed

After registering to PaaS, you can use the system directly without set-up time lag. Developers will be able to access tools, templates, code libraries, and can reduce release time.

For example, you can start making strong applications from drag-and-drop components including standard fields, reports and graphics.

  1. Cost

Using platforms such as Salesforce can also help in terms of standardization and consolidation for resources and application components. You can build new applications, which can reduce your development costs.

  1. Scale (scale)

Designing applications for millions of connected devices can create a potency of scalability and security challenges.

A platform such as Instagram and Twitter process millions of posts every minute. Even though business applications do not grow rapidly, if your application exceeds expectations, a cloud-based solution will indicate that you are able to take advantage of that situation.

Business Benefits

Using an integrated platform also offers opportunities to improve business processes such as; workflow, reporting, and social feeds. Your business can save time, money and effort because of these things:

  1. Easy integration with the old systems

Applications can combine data from existing systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. PaaS can help to open and modernize back-office systems with the ease of point-and-click.

  1. Real time information

Making an application that gives real-time data and updates to employee and manager, it allows them to make a better decision for a business. PaaS also can be used to make an application that helps workflow and approval.

  1. Easier IT maintenance

Vendors will always pay attention to platforms, so businesses only need to manage their own applications which can reduce overhead IT.

  1. Sharing insights

With thousands of businesses using this platform, large-scale PaaS providers quickly respond to user needs and solve common problems quickly.

It means you can get the benefits quickly from a trusted solution.

  1. Increase productivity

By utilizing PaaS, organizations can divert a large portion of their budget to create applications that give a real business value.

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