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24 July 2019 Marketing Group

Create an Effective Marketing Strategy by Monitoring Social Media Activities

Social media has changed the marketing strategy of a product or brand. The existence of social media makes prospective customers find out about a product or brand information through social media. One of the important considerations for prospective customers before using products or brands is a review of these products from other customers.

Along with the existence of social media which becomes the main factor for successful business, you need tools that can be used to utilize social media as an effective method for marketing strategy of your products and brands.

Have you ever thought about the way to maintain your business positive reputation? Has it ever crossed in your mind that you can listen every people’s review and expression about your product or brand on social media?

Monitoring and controlling social media is the right way to be the most excellent in business competition and make prospective customers interested in using your product or brand. If someone sees lots of positive reviews about your business, you will get more customers who are interested in using your business product or brand.

These days, tools that can be used to monitor business developments through social media have been created. One of the best products you can use to build up a positive image of your business is Oracle Social Cloud.

What is Oracle Social Cloud?

Oracle social Cloud is a web-based application that helps companies to monitor and analyze contents related to their products or brands on social media. Oracle Social Cloud integrates listen and analyze, engange, workflow, and automation features in one application.

With Oracle Social Cloud, you can find out and get data to know about what people say about your business, competitors, and current market trends. When you have those data, you can do an analysis that produces a new effective marketing strategy and really knows about what customer needs. With the data from Oracle Social Cloud, you can utilize the power of social media for every aspect of your organization and grow more tangible business revenue.

Why Should Oracle Social Cloud?

  1. You are able to know and control customer opinions about your business

With Oracle Social Cloud, you can create positive experiences about brands by listening and understanding customer sentiments.

  1. Giving relevant contents

Oracle Social Cloud contains a Publish feature, it helps you to schedule and publish content easily through social media channels, and is available in various languages to meet customer needs globally.

  1. Stay Connected Globally

To be successful in today’s global world, an organization must be able to hear, engage and learn without the barriers of locations and languages. Oracle Social Cloud offers solutions to face the global world, User Interface is available in more than 36 languages, and will continue to grow in the future.

  1. Integrated with all CX Platforms

Oracle Social Cloud has been integrated with Oracle CX and Oracle Marketing solution, such as Eloqua, Responsys, Service, etc.

After reading this article, then you now understand about the functions of social media monitoring and also its benefits for your business. The Oracle Social Cloud’s capability of understanding, publishing and analytic play an important role in helping marketers truly understand about what they should do to provide customer needs. Oracle Social Cloud is a solution to support business continuity and create an effective marketing strategy. With some excellent features such as User Interface available in more than 36 languages, you can develop your business digitally and globally without significant barriers.


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