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12 December 2022

Building Real-time Enterprise Using Event-driven Architecture

Response to dynamic business processes is crucial to digital transformation initiatives. This can be accomplished with event-driven architecture that transforms the company’s strategic data flow approach. Event-driven architecture, or EDA, is a software design pattern that allows companies to detect and respond in real time to significant business events or moments (transactions, site visits, shopping list additions, etc.).

Modern Enterprise Needs Real-time Information

The absence of required data distribution will have a negative effect on business continuity over the long term. Companies cannot make sound decisions or meet consumer expectations without accurate and up-to-date information. Inconsistent data also negatively impacts the quality of decisions made.

The Era of Real-time Enterprise

From online order clicks to freight forwarding routes, event data is essential for businesses to conduct market analysis and enhance the quality of the customer experience. Using event-driven architecture, companies can anticipate potential operational disruptions and innovate to meet rising business demands.

Benefits of Event-driven Architecture

There are two main benefits for a company that implements EDA:

  • The ability to process and analyze data in real-time allows more effective and efficient business responses in a fast-paced environment.
  • Adaptability to unanticipated interruptions.

Five Keys to Event-driven Architecture

After understanding the various benefits of EDA, there are five primary factors that companies must consider when implementing EDA, including:

  • Identify the right technology.
  • Socialize EDA in the corporate environment.
  • Provide employees with the necessary skills.
  • Find cost-effective solutions.
  • Identify the appropriate partner.

Ensure that all key factors are effectively implemented so that your company can maximize its business potential. Through one of the subsidiaries of the Phintraco group, PhinCon, you can implement an event streaming solution or EDA. PhinCon provides an EDA solution that supports multi-step business processes, including data synchronization with multiple application scopes simultaneously. The solution can stream information efficiently in the cloud, on-premises, and even on the Internet of Things.


For more information on PhinCon’s event-driven architecture solution, please email [email protected]




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