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27 October 2021

Benefits of Data Warehouse for Your Company

Data plays an essential role in any industry, such as banking or retail companies. Companies with many data such as customer data, product data, financial data, and others need a secure storage and processing area that can be operated automatically and in real-time. One solution to overcome this is the necessity for a data warehouse for automatic and real-time data processing and data storage for fast yet accurate decision-making. What is a data warehouse? What are the benefits of a data warehouse for your company? This article will discuss the explanation of a data warehouse and its benefits for your company.

Data Warehouse

As the name implies, a data warehouse is a “warehouse” for storing data. However, it is not only central storage. A data warehouse can also integrate data from several company departments and analyze data to make proper decisions. To stay competitive, the company conducts data and analysis regularly. The data warehouse can help create reports by combining other analytical tools and taking managerial decisions from the results. Existing data sources from transactions, databases or other data sources will be accessible to business analysts, data engineers, data scientists, decision-makers, or other departments, through business intelligence (BI) tools, SQL clients, and other analytical applications.

Features and Benefits of Data Warehouse Solutions for Your Company

  1. Integrate all data

A data warehouse can integrate all available data. Combining all data will create broad data insights and get higher-quality reports.

  1. Connect data and analysis quickly

Traditional data processing will waste much time because it connects data from various departments, and after the data is collected, the data is analyzed afterwards. Meanwhile, a data warehouse solution can quickly connect all data and analysis tools without any obstacles.

  1. Maximize the value of a data

A data warehouse can integrate data, analytical tools, and access to various departments in the company to produce more value for the company. The company will get much insight from multiple data available in the data warehouse.

  1. Sophisticated storage process

A data warehouse solution can automatically store the most frequently used data into memory. Besides, a data warehouse solution also can automatically read the time to determine when the data is stored in memory.

  1. Economical price

If the company has many data, it will cost so much money to store those data. By using a data warehouse solution, the costs required tend to be lower, but the analytical tools can be optimized.

  1. Flexibility in management

Data warehouse availability exists in every type of storage, such as public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises.


Those are the explanation of a data warehouse and the benefits of using a data warehouse solution for your company. Before using a data warehouse, make sure the company’s database is well organized. If databases work well, the data warehouse will work optimally and make it easier for all departments to make findings and insights from in-depth analysis results with real-time data sources. After knowing the explanation of the data warehouse with its features and benefits, your company can consult about data warehouse solutions with Phintraco Consulting to discuss further its implementation for your company. Phintraco Group’s subsidiary, Phintraco Consulting, has been serving IT Consulting since 2008.


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