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18 July 2022

5 Key Benefits of Implementing Big Data in Various Fields

Big data implementation has resulted in significant changes in the world of technology, so its application is now widespread across many fields. Considering the characteristics of big data, an unusually large collection of data, it is commonly employed by larger companies. Thus, the company can collect a wealth of consumer data. The in-question consumer data is not personal data because personal data is not intended for use by third parties, which would violate the UU ITE 2008 and UU ITE 2016. The customer data in question is information about the behaviour of customers who use the services of the company in question.

Key Benefits of Big Data Implementation

The benefits of big data are not only felt in the business world but also many other fields, such as health, education, environmental management, and information systems. Not only have large corporations begun to implement big data technology, but so has the government. In addition, big data influences our daily lives, such as when we use e-commerce or social media without our knowledge. Considering the magnitude of big data’s impact on various lives, the following analysis will help clarify the nature of big data’s influence. Here are some of the numerous key benefits of implementing big data. Examine the explanation!

  1. Improving productivity and efficiency

Big Data can rapidly improve operations and efficiently collect vast consumer data. The acquired data will be analysed and interpreted to identify meaningful patterns (such as tastes, customer preferences, and purchasing behaviour) that will allow the company to provide personalized products/services. Furthermore, by implementing big data, it is possible to automate work, enabling workers to be more proactive in making decisions based on data analysis and preventing potentially damaging errors.

  1. Reducing marketing costs

Marketing activities are one of the most important ways to acquire or retain customers for our products and services. Marketing is difficult because it requires much time and money, but big data will significantly simplify the process. A data analyst will utilize big data analytics to identify more efficient and cost-effective business practices. Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict the analysis will aid in determining the necessary costs.

  1. Market Predictions

Big data analysis will aid in the classification of consumers, both demographically and in terms of the satisfaction of their needs. The fact that consumers are aware of their needs enables big data to generate more reliable prospects for business analysis, likely to result in the acquisition of new customers. In addition to analysing potential customers, big data can help businesses compete and excel in the market.

  1. Improving customer loyalty and online reputation

Big data aims to collect and analyse vast quantities of data. Consumers’ digital footprint will reveal a great deal about their behaviour and needs. Big data will assist in extracting this data to meet their requirements. In addition, online media has evolved into a form of digital marketing that many businesses have adopted. The reputation of digital platforms businesses use will influence the desire to purchase products or utilize business services. With big data, it will be possible to explore the vast digital world to learn and comprehend what people are saying about a company’s product or service; in other words, it will be possible to examine consumer reviews. These reviews can also aid in enhancing the customer experience.

  1. Open to innovation

Implementing big data can unearth a broader range of data, which can then be transformed into insights to facilitate innovation. Thus, contributing to the creation of a strategy that can be implemented.

A great number of additional key benefits can be obtained from the implementation of big data. Therefore, you can transform your company’s data into an appropriate solution by implementing big data. Phintraco Consulting or PhinCon, a provider of big data solutions, can assist your business in achieving success and identifying the ideal target market. This big data solution from a subsidiary of Phintraco Group provides analytics services in various formats and reports to assist businesses in determining the optimal big data strategy.


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