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07 February 2022 Marketing Group

3 Tips to Boost Contact Center Performance During Pandemic Crisis

A company has many interactions with customers at a time, especially through its contact center. Due to social distancing regulations during the pandemic, this number is projected to increase continuously. Hence, the contact center’s workload also becomes heavier as the number of conversational interactions with customers that the company receives increases. Even today, customers are already keeping up with the advancement and do not want to limit their customer experience. Besides, customers today tend to interact with the contact center from various digital communication channels.

Tips to Boost Contact Center Performance

With these demands on the contact center, your company needs to create a work environment that is stress-free and pleasant in the midst of difficulties during the pandemic. However, the performance of the contact center must also be considered to achieve the best customer experience. During this pandemic crisis, here are 3 tips for boost contact center performance:

1.    Emphasize efficiency

Contact centers need to collect important data from interactions with customers. Traditional Business Intelligence systems cannot collate and collect this necessary data from voice interactions. Thus, a transcript of the omnichannel solution is needed so that the system can carry out this process in a short time. In addition, omnichannel also offers omnichannel routing to direct questions or problems from customers to a team or someone who is an expert in their field. As a result, contact center agents do not have to waste time dealing with issues they cannot solve.

2.    Build consistency

Customers want the best customer experience from the company. Thus, as the company’s front line, the contact center must also provide maximum and consistent performance to customers. To achieve those, your company can implement an omnichannel solution that provides contact center performance reports even when working remotely. With unified reporting from all digital platforms, supervisors can better understand their team’s performance. Reporting from this omnichannel also has a sophisticated dashboard that provides daily interaction volume, historical topics, and conversation topics to ensure maximum and consistent agent performance.


3.    Avoid repetition

Some customers reach the contact center several times from different communication channels. When this happens, the contact center agent will have to re-ask the problem or question the customer is facing several times, and it will take quite a lot of time. This problem is detrimental not only to the contact center but also to customers. To overcome this difficulty, contact center agents must be supported by integrated all-in-one technology. Companies must be able to unify all digital communication channels into one platform using omnichannel so that access to basic customer profile information and interaction history can be found in a short time and avoid repetition.


Many customers want to interact with the company, especially since the pandemic. They either want to buy a product, solve a problem, or know more about a product. This interaction is mainly done between customers and contact center agents. This customer enthusiasm will indirectly increase the workload of contact center agents. The contact center system must provide an omnichannel solution to perform satisfactorily during the pandemic. An omnichannel solution is the right technology investment for companies because it can improve the experience for customers and contact center agents.

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