The rapid development of technological sophistication increases the urgency for companies to undergo digital transformation. However, the current resources are not able to keep up with these developments. It must be admitted that the business world still lacks many expert talents in the IT profession. This challenge is also the background of the government’s efforts to collaborate with the private sector to create high-quality digital talent in Indonesia’s future business sector.

Due to the lack of experts who can accommodate the company’s needs, many companies are now looking for IT outsourcing services to handle work or projects related to the IT field that cannot be handled by their internal team only.

Why are many companies interested in using IT outsourcing services?

The answer is because many business people perceive the benefits of this type of IT service. IT outsourcing allows businesses to be more flexible in choosing IT experts who have a suitable background for their needs – without experiencing the difficulty of finding the right talent.

Moreover, with IT outsourcing services, companies can ensure that a project runs as expected because of the qualified workers (expertise). IT outsourcing service also provides up-to-date technology that can be relied upon when encountering sudden and fast changes.

What are the things to be considered when planning to use IT outsourcing services?

When planning to use IT outsourcing services, you cannot just rely on the company’s reputation and several other factors to be considered. Here are 3 things to consider when planning to use IT outsourcing services:

1.      Amount of occupied area or service

The main factor that needs to be considered when planning to use IT outsourcing services is to find out about what services can be provided by the IT outsourcing service provider partner. Each company requires different solutions and services because the company has different business flow and rules from other companies. So, it is crucial to choose a partner who has the right expertise and resources for several business areas, such as platform development, mobile, web, database, DevOps, video, machine learning or AI, Cloud, CRM, and analytics.

2.      Good communication

This thing is often overlooked by those who are planning to use IT outsourcing services. In fact, communication is the key to a successful collaboration. Hence, make sure you work with partners who have communication responsibilities.

The right and professional partner will initiate as many lines of communication as possible to understand your project plans and objectives, convey potential problems and solutions, and provide feedback according to the schedule agreed at the beginning of the cooperation agreement. With a good communication flow from the beginning, you can minimize inefficient work in the future, both time and cost.

3.      Experience

Find out how experienced the prospective IT outsourcing service provider is and know their proficient area or field. If you want to know which area they are experienced in, you can ask about the most prolonged cooperation period with other clients, and what types of services are provided. The answers can determine the service that your potential partner is most familiar with.

Furthermore, it would be best if you found out about customer references from your potential business partners. If they have worked with various companies, you can ensure that the IT outsourcing service provider partner can be trusted and relied on to handle your company’s projects.

You can easily discover those 3 things when you work with PhinCon as your IT outsourcing services provider.

As a provider of IT outsourcing services, PhinCon has the expertise, specialization, and technical support needed by various IT areas of the company. PhinCon also provides communication lines with teams implementing proactive communication approaches and has more than 12 years of experience with multiple industries.

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