If you are looking into new modern ERP implementation, the first question to ask is: what makes a modern ERP different from a traditional ERP? What are the key of its modernization?

There are many sources say that modern ERP solution is a cloud-based solution. With cloud ERP solutions, it means that a company does not need to invest in physical server and maintenance costs.

Well, it is true. But there is a lot of other reasons that make a modern ERP different from a traditional ERP. It is not only about the deployment options. The key of ERP modernization is in its flexibility,  especially its ability to easily adapt with existing technologies.

A modern ERP is one step ahead from a traditional ERP from many aspects – such as flexibility, ease of integration, and easily to adapt to unique business needs. So that this modern ERP solution is adaptive, which makes IT teams easy to integrate existing technologies with new ERP systems.

Since the beginning, ERP was primarily designed for inventory management. However, as technology evolves, today’s ERP systems are used to automate back-office tasks and streamline cross-department workflows.

The modern ERP has extended well beyond its original functions, which we called modern ERP. Modern ERP now consits of a full suite of integrated components that provide modern businesses with the tools necessary for streamlining operations. Modules available within modern ERP systems are Financial Management, Order Management, Production Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse and Order Fulfillment, and Human Capital Management.

One of most popular modern ERP solutions for companies is Oracle Netsuite. Oracle Netsuite is becoming the right solution for companies from any size to achieve operational excellence. If you are reading this article, you might look for signs you need a modern ERP solutions as a replacement of your legacy ERP or start your journey in implementing ERP to support your operations.

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