Before understanding the 4 signs you need a modern ERP solution, now let us first understand the concepts of modern ERP solutions and what makes it different from traditional ERP. You can find here to read information about modern ERP and the differences between modern ERP and traditional ERP.

After reading the explanation of modern ERP in previous article, now let us find out the 4 signs you need a modern ERP solution. Below are the details:

1. Organizations begin lacking visibility into their business

As business grows, your organization begins to take on more business and involve more departments. However, most business do not have complete visibility into their processes, so it is difficult to understand what needs to be done and how it is being done.

When organizations do not have the easy way of sharing information, tasks, or priorities – then we can say that it is one of signs you need a modern ERP solution.

2. Reliance on manual method to connect data between departments

Another one of signs you need a modern ERP solution is when employees rely on manual method to connect data between departments in real-time. If your ERP system does not allow you to connect or share data automatically, you cannot ensure the integrity of data. Manual method also leads to errors and lots of wasted time.

3. Adding sales channels, revenue streams, and product development becomes complicated

As your organization grows, so do your business channels. For example, if you have new branches, you will need new sales channels and products, or gaining revenue from different sources. If you are in this position, traditional ERP is no longer adequate to fulfill your needs because it is not designed to scale.

Modern ERP solutions can help you easily record those new sources and consolidate data from those sources into one single source of truth.

4. Suffering from too many different systems

Do your organizations suffer from too many different systems to keep track of business process? For example, one software for the accounting, one for the sales, and another for purchasing?

If your answer is yes, then it is signs you need a modern ERP solution such as Oracle Netsuite, which is capable of integrating applications across departments within a single platform. So that it results in more effective business processes and reporting.

What is Oracle Netsuite and Its Business Benefits?

Oracle Netsuite is an ERP solution that allow companies to simplify business processes. Oracle Netsuite integrates and automates the key functional areas such as financial management, revenue management, inventory management, order management, billing, e-commerce, and CRM.

The main function of Oracle Netsuite is to make it easy for companies in running their back-end operations, with existing systems to speed up the time to run company’s activities to achieve operational excellence.

Below are the business benefits of Oracle Netsuite:

1. Complete visibility of your business processes

When your business grows and data across departments begin piling up, organizations cannot rely on traditional ERP system or siloed applications.

With a modern ERP solution such as Oracle Netsuite, organizations will get a complete visibility or 360 view of their business processes. All teams across departments are also able to make report faster because data across departments will be provided in real-time.

Being able to see your data in real-time and from one single source of truth helps you make informed business decisions and create accurate reports.

2. Easily share data between departments

Oracle Netsuite allows you to automatically share data from marketing, finance, sales, and more to those who need data. With Oracle Netsuite, you can make sure that all users will be able to draw data from the same source – we can ensure that all users from every department has access to the same data.

However, even though the process of sharing data is easy, you do not need to worry about the access control. Oracle Netsuite is also equipped with useful feature to control which departments or individuals can access certain data by customizing permissions.

3. Ease of integration

One of the major benefits of NetSuite is that it provides robust APIs that make possible the integration with other important application. For example, you can easily integrate your ERP with existing CRM.

4. Easy customization and help you adapt to unique business needs

Oracle Netsuite is able to be customized with unique business needs. There is a lot of comprehensive modules available in Oracle Netsuite, so you will be able to tailor the business processes to meet the particular requirements of your company.

5. Better investment

Oracle Netsuite is available as a on-premise and cloud solution, so you have more choices to prepare your better investment. With cloud solutions, you do not have to worry about hardware and maintenance. It is a perfect and fit solution for business from any size and industry, it allows you to start small and scale up easily as your business grows.

How Do you Implement Oracle Netsuite for Organizations?

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