Digital transformation comes with many high-level benefits for companies. In today’s digital era, most companies are trying to create new innovations and actualize it into the use of application. What business looking for is, more agile, smaller, hyper focused teams working together to innovate and provide customer value. This is where Microservices have gained momentum and are becoming fast go-to solution for enterprises. They take SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) a step further by breaking every component into effectively single-purpose applications. In this article, you will find information about Microservices and its benefits to drive innovation in the digital era.

What is Microservices?

Microservices show a strategy for decomposing a large project, based on the functions, into smaller and more manageable pieces. While a monolithic app is “One Big Program” with many responsibilities, microservice-based apps are composed of several small programs, each with a single responsibility. Each component is developed and deployable independently as small modular services. Each service runs as a unique process and communicates with other components via a very lightweight methods like HTTP/Rest with Json.

Benefits of Using Microservices Solutions for Companies

  • Adopt Modern Architecture Patterns in an Easier Way

Nowadays, integration has evolved from connecting monolithic applications through an ESB to pervasive, connecting modern applications through API, functions, and event-driven patterns. Understanding this evolution, PhinCon provides microservices solutions that support the need of ESB, while also makes it easier for developers to adopt modern application architecture.

  • Multi-Cloud, Web-Scale Deployment Options

Changing the monolithic applications into microservices and deploying them through containers to cloud, on-premises, or hybrid infrastructure gives new opportunities for company to achieve its flexibility, agility, and lower operational costs. Microservices also helps you leverage function-as-a-service platforms, enabling your developers to take advantage of web-scale computing at a very efficient cost model.

  • Embracing the Use Cases of IoT and Edge Computing

Microservices help businesses support innovative IoT use cases and lower operational costs by running applications closer to where data is generated. Microservices logic can run on the smallest of edge computing devices, processing data in real time, lowering bandwidth and centralized computing resource consumption.

  • Flexibility

PhinCon is committed to support organizations regardless of where they are on their pervasive integration or digital transformation journey. From traditional integration to more modern microservices and event-driven architectures, your organization can leverage a broader set of capabilities, a flexible deployment strategy, and proven technology stack trusted by thousands of customers around the world.

To sum up, microservices gives organizations many benefits such as more scalable, secure, reliable apps, easier maintenance, and it can enable more and more services as the need arises without impacting on your existing services, shorten time to market, and respond to business needs more quickly. With the benefits and advantages provided by microservices, companies can utilize it to drive innovations in today’s digital era.

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