ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) is a software used for managing business process management in an organization. Every organization face the same challenge, that is to always be competitive, but in the same time they also need to be flexible. To overcome those challenges, organization needs solution to save and access information easily just in one platform, so that business process becomes easier and more secure.

To help organizations overcome those challenges, ERP comes as a solution that integrates the functions of all different business process into one system and they are connected. By using ERP, you can streamline every task in all departments.

The key benefits of using Enterprise Resource Management for your companies:

  1. Streamline every company business process activities

The main advantage of using an ERP solution is an organization can manage the number of tasks from several company departments with one system, such as for finance, HR, purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution. ERP systems are used to provide transparency into the entire business process and help companies to achieve operational excellence.

  1. ERP Eliminates Redundancies

When informations enter ERP system, the system will distribute that information to all departments that need it. ERP reduces repetitive tasks and creates visibility within the company, as a result it will reduces the data errors.

  1. ERP reduces operational cost

Organizations always want to have an efficient system, both in terms of function and its cost. ERP is a software that helps companies to reduce operational costs, because the key features of ERP are able to centralize different business processes. Therefore, you can control the cost of marketing, inventory, production, etc.

  1. ERP provides real-time data and information

The benefits and advantages of implementing an ERP solutions are it provides real-time data and real-time information. It’s important for businesses to get data and information in real-time, because accurate business reports will help you make the best-informed-decisions for your business in the future. ERP solutions are able to facilitate those needs.

The best time for organizations to use Enterprise Resource Management solutions

It is crucial to consider ERP solutions as one of your business strategy in the future. Here are the parameters when it is the right time for you to use ERP solutions:

– When you have many different business applications, but none of them are connected

– When your organizations want to start new business units and get flexible and efficient operational activities

– When you feel difficult to have access to your data and information needed to make a business decision

– When you need to enhance the protection of your important assets (data)

The functions and benefits of Enterprise Resource Management solutions can be used for various sectors such as manufacturing, health, education, retail, etc. Enterprise Resource Management solutions allow companies from various industries to manage all of their business functions. Enterprise Resource Management can be used as a business strategy because it gives visibility to all administrative and operational tasks to help organizations achieve operational flexibility and operational excellence.


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