PT. PhinCon (Phintraco Consulting) on November 11 2011, launches its call center solution branded as RaiseCALL, it is a the first most comprehensive call center solution to be developed by a local company and is based on the industry-acclaimed Oracle Siebel technology.

Launching Raisecall

RaiseCALL is the most complete solution and it can improve the effectiveness of bank customers who demand fast services from the call center. Customers can access a wide range of information in just a single call. The solution enables them to check the balance of their accounts, raise complaints, close their accounts, pay their credit card and other bills, purchase tickets, top up and perform many other tasks. The call center operators can also shorten their response time while increasing the quality of their services as they are now able to serve all the needs of every individual customer without the need to transfer the call to their supervisors.

This is made possible as RaiseCALL is equipped with features such as an efficient search engine to find identical keys that can be used to quickly access all the customer’s financial information and verify his data. All these features are aimed at expediting the operator’s services. There are also other features such as security to block and unblock any bank product including the ATM, Credit Card, Token, Savings as well as Internet, Mobile and SMS Banking facilities. In addition, the application can also help the operators provide services with a high level of accuracy in case the customer has something to complain about. The operators are also provided with historical records of every transaction made by the customer.

“Quality of services is an absolute prerequisite that every bank has to fulfill today. When a bank has successfully raised the quality of its service, become more responsive and is able to handle customer complaints properly, it can provide impressive convenience to its customers, “ says Arifa Tan, Director, PT PhinCon (Phintraco Consulting). “We have developed RaiseCALL on the Oracle Siebel technology platform, which is well known as a leader in the CRM technology. We specifically chose this platform as we had wanted RaiseCALL to be the most comprehensive call center solution for the Indonesian banking industry,” she added.

Currently, RaiseCALL is already implemented in Panin Bank, one of the commercial banks in Indonesia founded in 1971. In June 2009, Panin Bank was ranked as the 7th largest bank in Indonesia. Its mission is to advance and transform it self into one of the leading consumer and business banks in the country. Providing quality customer services through a call center has been a top priority for the bank. “As a bank that leads in the consumer products and services, we must always do our best to raise the level of our services for both our individual and corporate customers. That is the reason we have always catered to the trends among our customers, who are now more mobile and are using the call center as the main channel like the ATM, mobile and Internet banking. Our customers are now able to complete all their banking transactions and retrieve a variety of information about our banking products easily. All they have to do is contact CALL PANIN 500678. RaiseCALL is the right solution that supports our vision to become top-ranking national bank in the Indonesian banking industry through innovative products and services, nation-wide distribution and in-depth market knowledge,” says Ariyanto Ruslim, Vice President IT, Panin Bank.

The RaiseCALL application, which has been developed using the Oracle Siebel technology, offers real-time solution for Banking Call Center, equipping the operators with the right information and tool. It is a customer-centric solution and integrated with main core banking application of bank as well as other supporting systems. The end results are higher efficiency in providing services, operational effectiveness through automation process, and responsive level of officers to maximize the use of RaiseCALL.